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Houston-based Manready Mercantile recently made it’s way onto Buffalo Dandy’s radar and our shopping cart is filling up rather quickly. Created in 2012 with the goal of creating jobs, helping other makers and supporting American-made goods, founder Travis Weaver started with making candles on the stove in his apartment. Since then, the company has branched out to create a “dry goods” line and sell various other Made in America brands through their online store and brick and mortar shop. Most of the stuff isn’t cheap, but their Apocathecary and Apparel products are quite reasonable and everything is beautifully designed. Some favorites of ours (for obvious reasons) are the Whiskey Blooded Tee ($28), Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky ($16), the White Tail Antler Damascus Knife ($425) and pretty much any of their various soaps, lotions or grooming products. Might I also suggest following them on their instagram and tumblr accounts which feature some beautiful photography.

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