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The Glenlivet is proud to present a stunning Dram Chair, hand-crafted by award-winning designer Gareth Neal, and inspired by their purest expression, the Nàdurra. The spirit of Nàdurra – Gaelic for ‘natural’ – is crafted with remarkable attention to detail, using natural materials and reflecting the traditional methods used to create the unique single malt. Of his inspiration behind the chair, Neal says: “Enjoying a dram is a moment of escapism. I wanted to immerse the sitter in the materials that have brought about this moment of pleasure, in absolute comfort.”

The chair’s unique design takes inspiration from both the traditional 19th century methods used in the Nàdurra production process, as well as the materials, representing the high quality craftsmanship so intrinsic to The Glenlivet. The result is an outstanding one-off, a hand-crafted piece that imaginatively captures the spirit of Nàdurra – both in function and form.

Glenlivet is calling this the Ultimate Dram Chair; a piece of furniture that immerses the sitter in the materials of Nàdurra. Resting on oak, copper and leather the sitter is transported to the Speyside countryside or their own personal moment of escape as they relax back and enjoy a dram of the natural spirit.

“The piece is so lightweight that it can literally be transported to a location of choice. I imagined a dramatic vista of the Scottish Highlands but the collector will create his own perfect Nàdurra moment.” – Gareth Neal

The Glenlivet Nàdurra Dram Chair is now on display at The New Craftsman, and will shortly be presented for visitors at The Glenlivet Distillery in Scotland. A limited run will be available for commission exclusively for Guardians of The Glenlivet. Hand-crafted, and so each with an element of personalisation, the chairs will be authentic, unique and distinct, like the Nàdurra itself. These collectors’ item chairs will retail at £6,200 ($9950). If that seems like too much, might haps consider getting one of these.




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