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If you’re having some trouble coming up with costume ideas for Halloween and could also use a few new items in your wardrobe, Buffalo Dandy has you covered. The first of several Dandy Halloween Ideas to be featured on the blog is simple, yet effective. Pick yourself up a Herringbone Blazer, a J.Crew Gingham Shirt, Knit Tie, Tie Bar and a Fox Mask and go as the internet famous Menswear Dog. A costume strictly for those in the know, Menswear Dog has been making waves in the blogosphere world lately when it was revealed his owners are currently earning roughly $15k a month because of their well dressed Shiba Inu. Costume add-ons can include doggy treats, business cards with the Menswear Dog website on it so people can actually understand what you’re dressed as, or a photographer to follow you around taking pictures while you try on other people’s clothes.

Gap x Brooklyn Tailors Blazer $128 | J.Crew Factory Washes Gingham $45 | Tie Bar Royal Blue Knit Tie $25 | Gunmetal Tie Bar $15 | Fox Mask $30


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