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“Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?”

This Dandy Halloween Costume should be a no brainer for fans of the classic film American Psycho. A simple pinstripe suit paired with a banker shirt (blue shirt/white collar), power tie, clear raincoat, an axe and most importanty the business cards (that’s bone) and you’ll be getting that reservation at Dorsia in no time. Extra points if you can not only score a walkman, but also the Huey Lewis and The News album FORE! on tape. Also the clear raincoat is pretty easy to find online for cheap, so feel free to spray that bad boy full of all the (preferably fake) blood you want. Just be sure to lay out some copies of the Style Section on the floor before you do… HEY PAUL!!!

Ralph Lauren Pinstripe Suit $1,295 (Or try Burlington Coat Factory for $150) | Brooks Brothers Banker Shirt $92 | The Tie Bar Paisley Tie $15 | Tommy Hilfiger Suspenders $30 | Clear Rain Coat $12 | Sony Walkman $10 | Best Made Co American Felling Axe $162 | Heuy Lewis and The News FORE! $6


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