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I had the rare pleasure of visiting The Buffalo Club this past evening while attending Napoli’s Concierge Launch Event. The exclusive club, established in 1867, is a beautiful testament to the rich history of Buffalo; completely decked out in dark mahogany, brass and gorgeous ornate carpeting. The whole place was rather quiet, with just a few families dining in the great halls surrounded by empty tables which where immaculately set while children sat slumped in their chairs looking bored to be there. A few men in the Members Only Lounge chatted quietly (most likely congratulating each other on being masters of the universe) and the only real audible sounds came from the chiming of the grandfather clock which echoed throughout the club.  It was so incredibly peaceful and beautiful that I never wanted to leave. One of my favorite things about the club is the strict dress code. No jeans are allowed at the Buffalo Club, with gentlemen expected to wear a jacket and tie in specific areas. This is something you really don’t see except for in clubs like this and I truly wish more places adopted this “old fashioned” idea of dressing up when you go somewhere. Naturally I couldn’t help but snap a few photos while I was there and dream of the day I get my invitation to join this exclusive establishment.



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