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Project Pieta


Project Pieta is a fashion label born in the prisons of Lima, Latin America. Using only natural, ecological and recycled materials, the collection is entirely produced by inmates in the prison workshops. The project allows inmates to independently generate income, develop their skills allowing for a faster rehabilitation and also shortens their sentence: each day of work decreases the prisoners sentence by a full day. Each piece is numbered and signed by the craftsman who made it.

The collection is a mixture of work and street wear, with most of the items looking like something out of HBA catalog. While that particular look is not my taste, the stuff all looks so good I almost wishes it were just so I could wear it. This denim shirt and wool cardigan however, I can definitely get behind. I love clothing with an interesting story and it doesn’t get more badass than wearing something that 1.was made by an inmate and 2.does some good in the process. The whole collection not only looks fantastic, it’s also fairly affordable compared to some of these other street wear brands with a similar look. Naturally, it should go without saying that you’re required listen to Johnny Cash while wearing said garments…



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