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The Dandy clan headed out to the Albany area for Thanksgiving, and while I was excited to spend some quality time with the family, I was also excited to head out Saratoga Springs to check out a local menswear shop called The National. The store has been on my radar for a while, since it opened it’s doors a little over 2 years ago and I was thrilled to finally make it out to the store to check it out in person.

Initially opened as a subsidiary of Saratoga National Golf Club, the store has done a fantastic job of transitioning from a classic golf shop to a legit heritage-inspired clothing destination. While chatting with Kyle and James from the store, I was surprised to hear people are traveling from as far as Vermont and Canada just to visit the store. After checking out some what the store has to offer, I can see why.

The National does a great job of appealing to a very broad customer base. While some of the louder dress shirts, modern denim and rustic leather goods will attract a younger crowd, the classic derby-style known by the older generation of Saratoga is still prevalent throughout the store. This allows for a grandfather, dad and his son to walk into the same store and all be able to find something to wear. With classic and modern brands like Peter Millar, Smathers and Branson, Bill’s Khakis, Filson, Bugatchi and Scojo Eyewear, the store really has something for everyone.

The accessories offered in the store were equally amazing. With an vast selection of ties, scarves, shoes, bracelets, bags and hats, I had a hard time not wanting to buy everything. I also really loved the casual atmosphere in the store. With the brick walls, wood floors and black and white photos of classic Saratoga moments, the National is more reminiscent of Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren store rather than a “golf shop” selling ill-fitting sport polos and khakis. It’s a place you just want to hang out in. With beautiful displays and meticulous merchandising, you can tell a lot of thought went into the look and feel of the store… And it shows.

After taking some photos of the store and regaling Jim and Kyle about shoveling ourselves out of a blizzard, we bid the store adieu and headed to Starbucks for yet another holiday Peppermint Mocha. Many thanks to those guys for showing us around the store and if you’re ever in the Saratoga area, I highly recommend checking out this new #menswear mecca.

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