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Hi there BD,
Came across your site shared on reddit. I saw your inquiries page and had a question that maybe you can help me with. I would love for my fiance and his groomsmen wear tweed suits (or even just the coats) for our wedding since I do not like the stuffy suit or tux look. Do you know of any place in Buffalo that will rent out anything of the tweed variety?



Hi Elisa. Thanks so much for writing. This sounds like a very Dandy wedding and I love the idea! Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of many places offering to “rent” a tweed sport coat, let alone a full suit. That being said, there are plenty of places that sell tweed jackets and suits that luckily this time of year should be on sale. Depending on the size of your wedding party, you should all be able to have them buy suits which would be around the cost if not slightly more than renting a tux. Some places I would recommend checking out are:

Another idea if money is tight would be checking out the local thrift shops to get a tweed suit on the cheap and have it tailored. This way, everyone could have their own look but still be within the tweed family (see the photo below).
I hope this helps. Congrats on your wedding and I wish you the best of luck.

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