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These nonstop frigid temps have me contemplating investing in a nice goose feather down jacket– particularly in navy. Ideally I would love to be able to wear this jacket as a day to day piece as well as something to throw on when going sledding with Dandy Jr or possible while snowboarding. There are several key factors to take into consideration like durably, warmth and of course cost. After doing some research I think I’ve narrowed down my top 5 choices.

Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket
Patagonia is a clear favorite right out the gate for several reasons. The brand is highly regarded for it’s classic style, durability and wide range of colors. More recently Patagonia has been headlines by using not only 100% recycled ripstop shell, but also using 100% traceable down from birds that were never force fed or live-plucked. So basically you can look good and know that you did good by purchasing the jacket. Like I said, a strong favorite right from the start, but let’s take a look at some other candidates.
The North Face Thermoball Hybrid Hoodie
Not to get all basic, but there is no denying when it comes to outerwear, The North Face is a popular favorite. A concern I have with the down jackets is how well they hold up when you fall in the snow or tumble down the sledding hill going faster than you should. This is where this North Face jacket gets my vote with it’s combined nylon sleeves and quilted body.

[ak] BK Down Insulator
Surprisingly Burton doesn’t have much in the way of down jackets. At least in a navy colorway. This neon blue option is a bit loud for my taste, but I do love the thumbholes. Ultra packable and full of little details, this is a great option for those going for a nontraditional look.


Penfield Rockford
Oh man, now we’re talking. Penfield is another great heritage brand that’s been producing some consistently desirable goods lately. With a shorter cut, corduroy collar and the brilliant addition of the buffalo plaid on the shoulder yolk, this rugged retro-looking jacket is nearly perfect so long as you don’t mind looking like a lumbersexual.


Canada Goose The Lodge
Last but not least, you can’t talk goose jackets without including Canada Goose. Their Lodge Jacket is another great packable option for those looking to spend a little more. I feel like this is more or less like wearing a Rolex on the mountain. They are made to be durable, but I would be too afraid of ruining the jacket to actually enjoy myself outdoors. A bit of a status symbol but a fine jacket none the less.



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