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What the hell is Rob Gronkowski wearing?! I understand that Rob (a Buffalo native) is a mountain of man… dude is huge. All the Gronkowski’s are. But being a successful professional athlete you would think a stylist would come along and say: “Hey, you’re going to be on TV. Wear this instead.” Because this… this is just ridiculous. The suit looks enormous on him, but when paired with that floppy popover shirt, sneakers and backwards cap, I’m honestly getting a migraine thinking about how terrible this bro-tastic outfit is. Someone needs introduce Gronk to a tailor. Like our friends at Napoli’s (the official menswear provider for the Buffalo Bills), or check out J.Crew’s Crosby Suit which is specifically designed for a man of his stature. There is literally no excuse for this outfit to happen*.


C’mon sir, try to represent Buffalo (or your team) a little better than that. Next time you think about wearing something like this on Kimmel or anywhere else and someone makes a face like the one below, maybe reconsider.


*With all due respect, please don’t show up at my door with your 4 enormous brothers and beat the shit out me for saying all this. I only have your best interests in mind. Keep up the good work with Gronk Nation and congrats on that SuperBowl win…



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