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Smathers & Branson recently released a collection of Needlepoint iPhone Cases featuring some of their most popular, preppy-inspired designs. We’ve been fans of Smathers & Branson for quite some time here at Buffalo Dandy, particularly with the custom Buffalo Collection by O’Connell’s with their coasters, belts, flasks and key fobs. These new cases, available for iPhone 5’s and 6’s, just upped the anty. No word yet if you’ll be able to create custom designs, but in the meantime, I’m highly considering picking one up for since they’re one of the more reasonably priced items on the website. Plus, I mean… just look at them! These cases are incredible looking!



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In Episode 2 of their Raw Craft Series, Anthony Bourdain and The Balvenie visit the legendary “boxing tailor,” Frank Shattuck, in Upstate New York to learn what it takes to create true “bench-made suits.”

Frank Shattuck is one fascinating dude. He’s a boxer, an actor, and a legendary tailor. He spent over 15 years learning and perfecting his craft under the tutelage of Master Tailor Raphael Raffaelli to make the best suits possible. When asked why he makes life so hard for himself Frank will tell you, “It’s all I know how to do.”

Anthony and Frank are reunited for the first time since a chance meeting at a New York City dive bar in the late 90’s. This episode will take you into Frank’s world as he demonstrates the painstaking craftsmanship that goes into making a beautiful bench-made suit; something Tony has lusted over ever since they first met.

The Balvenie shares Frank’s passion for craftsmanship. Their longstanding alliance with craft is a result of the distillery’s dedication to the five rare crafts of whisky making, which allow them to achieve their distinctive taste and exceptional quality. The Balvenie still grows its own barley, still malts in its own floor maltings, employs a team of coopers to tend its casks, a coppersmith to maintain its stills, and has in its service the most experienced Malt Master in Scotland.

Check out the full episode below.

RawCraft1  RawCraft3RawCraft2RawCraft4

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Just in time for Spring, Dandy favorite Kiel James Patrick has just released a new line of button down shirts dubbed The Seaweather Collection. Available in Olive, Pink, Gingham and Banker Stripes, these classic looking shirts are pre-washed to achieve the sun-kissed fade of Summers spent in the salty ocean air. The shirts are slim fit, come with hand carved Scrimshaw buttons, an embroidered croffix anchor on the left chest and as always with KJP items, made in 100% the USA. Currently available for pre-order.



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A gentleman’s home is his castle and as such, his dwelling serves as a direct extension of his personal taste and style. For many of us, we put just as much thought into decorating a room as we do putting together an outfit. And while our homes are filled with vintage knickknacks, pieces of art, lighting, rugs, etc, one of the rooms which in my opinion is better left simplified is the bedroom. It is, after all, the room we spend the majority of our time in during a lives (an average of 26 years), so it’s best to be left uncluttered and relaxing. Usually around this time of year we open up the windows, let the fresh air in and start the daunting task of Spring cleaning. While this often entails throwing a bunch of stuff out, it can also be a great opportunity to invest in some upgrades, particularly in the bedroom. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite upgrades of some items that often get overlooked in the bedroom, sure to transform your space upgrade your style.


Bedding: This may be one of the most important parts of a bedroom. What sheets you use can have a huge impact on how well you sleep and your overall wellness. Egyptian cotton is always preferable, and the fine folks at Parachute have a gorgeous looking collection called The Venice which has everything you need to get started. Their signature bedding set includes 2 pillow cases, a fitted sheet and duvet cover. Plus, for every set purchased, Parachute will donate a life-saving malaria net to Nothing But Nets.



Throw Blanket: While every man should have a duvet, one should also never be without a classic throw blanket. Warm, lightweight and easily transferable from room to room, you can pick the perfect design to match your style. While your bedding should be simple, a blanket like this looks best with some sort of pattern like the ones available from Pentleton or Parachute. Usually made of some variety of wool whether virgin or cashmere, these blankets only get better with age and are a great source of contrasting color in the bedroom.



Pillows: This is where a word of caution should be issued. A nice pillow can add a personal touch to a bedroom, like this Buffalo-themed one from Room. However, one must use restraint when it comes to pillows in the bedroom and be careful not to use too over do it. One or two combined with your normal sleeping pillows is sufficient. If it’s just going to end up on the floor before you go to sleep, what’s the point?



Lighting: I’ve been trying to read before bed lately, but the one thing that’s keeping me from doing so is the lack of proper lighting on my side of the bed (the lamp’s on the wife’s side). Once again, with regards to lighting, it’s best to keep things simple and you don’t get much simpler (or awesome looking) than FLYTE. FLYTE is a levitating light, which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air. Available in sustainable-sourced oak, ash and walnut, the base case also be used a wireless charging station for you’re cell phone.



Scent: Lastly, it’s important that your bedroom smells good. Nothing too overpowering, but just like you’re favorite cologne, should be subtle and very “you”. Land by Land has a fine collection of candles which add a touch of luxury to any room by using 100% natural ingredients and carefully blended fragrances. Each product is handmade at their New York atelier, using natural beeswax, vegetable waxes and oils, natural fragrance oils, pure essential oils, and 100% cotton wicks so the candles are long lasting and clean burning.


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Bodhi, the Shiba Inu behind the beloved blog Menswear Dog, is here to show you how to dress like a man. Organized seasonally, The New Classics highlights the timeless, can’t-go-wrong items every man needs in his wardrobe—from a chambray shirt to a perfectly fitted peacoat (all modeled by Bodhi, of course)—and shows how to mix and match them all year long.

Whatever your style dilemma, Menswear Dog’s got your back! Readers will learn what to wear to a summer wedding, when to splurge (on the perfect white dress shirt) and when to save (snag your military field jacket at a thrift store), the secrets to getting the right fit, the brands that stand the test of time, the basics of clothing care, and more. Sure to make a fine addition to any Dandy’s library.


Menswear-Dog-New-Classics-Book-03 Menswear-Dog-New-Classics-Book-07Menswear-Dog-New-Classics-Book-08

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Raw Selvedge Denim is certainly nothing new, nor are the various remedies found online on how to combat the eventual stank that can accompany your favorite jeans from lack washing them. For the purists who take deep pride in wearing their denim for as long as possible between washings, this handy Dessert Denim Wash from Juniper Ridge could be a lifesaver.

A wildharvested medley of desert cedar, pine pitch, sunwashed granite, Mojave sunflower, yucca bloom, greasewood and sawdust, a few pumps from this stout metal bottle will leave you smelling like you’ve spent all day among the wildflowers in California’s high-desert country.

I’m about 3 months in now with my A.P.C Petite New Standards, and while they’ve started to stretch out and I’m getting some “sick fades”, I know that it’s only going to be a matter of time before I need a product like this.


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Part 4 in a series of blog posts by guest editor Mr. Ewy, in which he shares with us some of his favorite things.

I used to work at Nautica – there, I said it. One of my roles was to run the inspiration and product creation process for licensed goods, including tailored clothing, hosiery, eyewear and many more. Perhaps my favorite category, though, was watches / timepieces (more on this distinction later). We were constantly looking for inspiration from militaria and nautical sources. During research, I came across what would turn into one of my favorite American heritage brands, Chelsea Clock.  The company has been around under a variety of names since 1884, making it the oldest continuously existing timepiece manufacturer in the United States.

You can read the wikipedia to get all of the details, but there were a couple great moments in the history of Chelsea Clock that made it the connoisseur’s icon that it is today. The company’s roots started as the E. Howard Clock Company in 1842. Joseph Eastman, an early employee, adopted the non-pendulum movement from a watch to a clock, allowing it to work in any position, unlike most pendulum clocks of the time. This was a major advancement in clocks and set upthe company’s future with the military. E. Howard Clock Company went out of business and was purchased by a group of businessmen and operated under the name Boston Clock Company of Maine. It was then purchased in 1897 by Charles Pearson and given the name Chelsea Clock.


In 1900, the company patented a fully encased clock movement, with chime and striking mechanism, another major advancement, called the Ship’s Bell. In 1903, the company started producing clocks for automobiles, including Studebaker, Rolls Royce and Packard. The United States Navy also started purchasing clocks which began a long history with the military. Good move for Chelsea Clock, it kept the company alive during the Great Depression and off-set declining consumer demand for timepieces post World War II.

Chelsea Clock Co. has made many beautiful clocks. A recently re-released clock with Polo Ralph Lauren is one such example. For me though, Chelsea Clock makes military clocks, specifically for nautical use.


My favorite is the 6” Mechanical Clock they made for the US Navy. We had one at Nautica, which I almost liberated when I left the company. I am not the only person who loves this model. Look at almost every watch from Bell & Ross, Panerai, Luminox and many others, and I bet they cribbed inspiration from the black face with white numbers, san-serif font, and the shape of the hands. Take a look and I bet you will agree. You know who else loves Chelsea Clock? The Japanese. Whenever I am in Tokyo perusing Americana and vintage stores, the clock on the wall invariably is Chelsea Clock.


So, what is the difference between a clock/watch/timepiece? Generally speaking, a timepiece has a fully mechanical mechanism, meaning, you have to wind it, no battery. They can also be self-winding (the movement of your wrist winds the watch), but put a battery or quartz movement in and voila, you have a watch. The vintage Chelsea Clock pieces that are so coveted (just check the auction prices on eBay for confirmation) are the mechanical timepieces. Sure, it is a pain to wind them, but like full grain leather shoes, bespoke suits, or fine spirits, part of the price of admission is taking care of them.

What if you don’t have the time or money for a mechanical clock? Ah, good news. Chelsea Clock has released the Patriot Deck Collection, which keeps the classic styling and look with modern day functionality. The pricing is also more realistic and will allow you to buy a bottle of the good stuff with the leftover scratch.


Full disclosure: Chelsea Clock sent me one. Other full disclosure: I only give honest reviews (ask anyone who has every worked with me). First the good. These clocks look amazing! Their battery movement means you can screw it onto your wall without worrying about having to constantly open it and wind it to keep it operational. The clocks give you that authentic look you want to keep your man cave repping that authentic vibe. The honest. This is not a mechanical clock. For those that care about this, Chelsea Clock has a vintage section on their website of restored clocks for purchase. You will pay more here than on eBay, but they come fully guaranteed to work, unlike some of the sketchy purchases I have made over the years. To further the honesty, in order to keep prices down, some of the materials have been downgraded like using plastic on the clock front instead of glass. But for less than a third the price of the refurbished models, you get the look without the hit to the wallet. In my opinion, Chelsea Clock should also make a fully mechanical reproduction clock, but maybe that is to come.

What about the other American watches and timepieces? I love Shinola. “Built in Detroit” is a great story,. Hamilton Watch? Authentic American history, especially with the military, but they are now part of the Swiss Swatch Group. John Varvatos favorite Ernst Benz is another American watch of merit. I would wear one. But for me, if you want an authentic American timepiece, the discussion begins and ends with Chelsea Clock.

Ben Ewy is a gentleman of fortune and bon vivant living and working in Ann Arbor, MI. Follow more of his exploits on Instagram @benewy

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In the word of cycling, few brands are as highly respected and coveted as Brooks England. Makers of traditional bicycle saddles since 1882, Brooks has a long, rich history in the cycling world and is a favorite among touring, audax and general enthusiasts alike. The flagship model by Brooks is the B17 Standard Saddle. Made of durable vegetable-tanned leather with hand-hammered copper rivets on a steel frame, the saddle is meant to break in and weather beautifully over it’s lifetime.

Part of what makes the Brooks Saddle so unique is how it molds itself to the individual fit of the rider.  With a breaking in period taking as long as 100 to 1,000 miles, the fibers of the leather break down and form dimples where the “sit bones” normally rest. Once this happens, the saddle becomes molded to your body and is even more comfortable. Kind of your like favorite chair or a pair of selvedge denim jeans. Of course, the other aspect which makes these saddles so desirable is the cost. They don’t run cheap and in some cases can cost more than your bike. However, when paired with a classic frame (preferably a British or French model but I chose my 1980 Schwinn La Tour) the combo creates a beautiful aesthetic which is hard to beat.


Once my saddle arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised at the attention to detail put into the packaging materials. I’ve only ever seen individual Brooks saddles hanging in retail stores, so to see it arrive in a custom box complete with Brooks’ annual magazine The Bugle, a full product catalog and custom wrench, all of which where beautifully designed, I couldn’t wait to get started. The only thing missing was an actual instruction booklet. I thought it was weird that I was being told how to apply the appropriate oil my saddle, but not how to install it. Thankfully, after a little bit of research and some elbow grease I was able to figure it out and finally give it a test ride.


Right from the start I noticed a huge difference from my old seat which came with the bike. The Brooks Saddle had a completely different feel to it and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was right out of the box. Thanks to the various local BLRC rides we’ve been on, I’ve had the good fortune of seeing many of these broken in saddles up close and personal. While envious, I always had a difficult time believing these stiff leather seats could actually be comfortable for the rider. I’m hear to tell you: once you try it, you may never go back.

Brooks England Saddles, bags and various accessories are available online as well as locally at various bike shops around Buffalo. Of course, now I’m going to have to buy some brown leather bar tape to match the saddle because as we all know, one should always match their belt to their shoes.


BrooksSaddle4 BrooksSaddle5 BrooksSaddle6

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For storing a special bottle out of the light or bringing it out with you, Walnut Studiolo’s Leather Whiskey Case keeps your bottle of whiskey or wine secure and discreet in timeless style. The modern design details create an heirloom piece that ages as well as the beverage inside. The perfect gift for whiskey lovers, the Whiskey Case fits most whiskey, scotch, and wine bottles – any bottle up to 12.25″ tall (~311 mm) and 3.375″ (~85 mm) in diameter.

Sustainable cedarwood ends protect the bottle in the case, and a strong snap keeps the case closed tight as you travel to your destination. Handmade in its entirety, the leather case is hand-stitched and hand-dyed using the finest USA-sourced vegetable-tanned leather, in our workshop in Portland, Oregon. A leather strap provides a convenient carrying point, whether you’re taking it to the beach, a party, or out on a hunt.  The case also comes iwith two natural leather coasters, for your drinking companions.



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A certain type of musical ambiance is required for these foggy, rain-soaked days of Spring. Lord Huron’s newest album, Strange Trails, is the perfect choice for said ambiance. With a slightly darker tone than their first album “Lonesome Dreams”, Strange Trails takes the listener on a haunting journey exploring life, love and longing. The joie de vivre folk sound Lord Huron is so well known for is still prevalent throughout the album, as well as their catchy retro sound which is so perfectly captured in the Pulp magazine-inspired cover art released with each single. It’s perhaps this artwork which reminds me so much of the first time I saw the movie Pulp Fiction; with the ripping guitar intros and kitschy, toe-tapping tunes which introduced me to a whole new genre of music.

After listening to this album pretty much non-stop for the past day or two, favorite tracks include “Fool for Love” and “World Ender”. Give the album a listen and if this is your first introduction to Lord Huron I cannot recommend listening to “Lonesome Dreams” as well, since this was pretty much my go-to soundtrack last Fall. Naturally the album is available on vinyl, but Amazon is running a special where you can get both albums for only $30!

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