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This Friday The New York Times will debut their new “Men’s Style” section, which is the first time in 10 years that the paper has launched a new print section. With #menswear being so hot right now and after seeing a 30% increase in men’s related ads last year, the Times had to expand their initial 12-14 page issue to a whopping 32 pages after all the advertiser interest. While it’s sure to be quite ad-heavy, it’s nice to see this evolution happening in the men’s market and I’m excited to see what the section has in store.

The debut issue will include a mix of sartorial musings, travel, tech, and grooming. See the full issue on Friday or check out a preview feature here.



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Buffalo Whiskey Guild

IMG_0582Allen Burger Venture (ABV) is Mike Shatzle’s (Blue Monk, Coles, Moor Pat) latest endeavor. Located in the heart of the Allentown district of Buffalo, ABV is a first-rate example of modern-style restaurant and bar. It’s harmonious, yet anomalous among the trendy Allentown scene. The atmosphere and feel is nothing short of pure fun. The decor is unique enough to be engaging, without being too distracting or obnoxious. And the music is up beat and vibrant.

The staff lead by GM Johnny Chow are equally as enthusiastic and fun as the place itself. The menu is full of one-of-a-kind burger specialties that literally make it near impossible to choose. The beer-centric bar is loaded with a long list of local and non-local options of varying styles.IMG_0704






IMG_0633In addition to the perfect atmosphere, awesome burgers and excellent choice of beer at ABV, they have an exceptional, steadily growing library of whiskies to…

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