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Raw Selvedge Denim is certainly nothing new, nor are the various remedies found online on how to combat the eventual stank that can accompany your favorite jeans from lack washing them. For the purists who take deep pride in wearing their denim for as long as possible between washings, this handy Dessert Denim Wash from Juniper Ridge could be a lifesaver.

A wildharvested medley of desert cedar, pine pitch, sunwashed granite, Mojave sunflower, yucca bloom, greasewood and sawdust, a few pumps from this stout metal bottle will leave you smelling like you’ve spent all day among the wildflowers in California’s high-desert country.

I’m about 3 months in now with my A.P.C Petite New Standards, and while they’ve started to stretch out and I’m getting some “sick fades”, I know that it’s only going to be a matter of time before I need a product like this.



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