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The Buffalo Lazy Randonneur Club welcomes all to its Sixth Annual Seersucker Ride. It is an exciting time for cycling in Buffalo and the Seersucker Ride is smack dab in the middle as one of the first purely recreational rides of its kind.

The Seersucker Ride begins at Noon Canalside to parade your summer seersucker, madras, linens or other summery fabrics at our popular waterfront. (Remember how lonesome we were down there when we started all this?) We will follow bike paths all the way to the park. Save for a detour at Porter Avenue (Columbus, Busti, Niagara) and picking up the path again at the Scajacuada Path + Niagara St. The destination and motivation is our annual champagne picnic in Delaware Park near the stone arch bridge. And of course a chance to settle the scores with a round of Petanque. It is not to be missed; although close counts!

That evening Romeo and Juliet will play in the Park right across the glen. So pretty much a spectacular day. During the ride we expect the riders to be responsible for their own safety and equipment. Please follow all recommended precautions and laws. Feel free and encouraged to share this invitation.

Lastly it’s important to dress accordingly when attending this ride, so we threw together a quick “what to wear” addition to this post. While many will simply opt for wearing a seersucker suit to the ride, which naturally is the obvious route to go, I’ve always had a hard time wearing a full suit during a ride so I usually opt for a more casual, but none the less “sucky” of an look. While a couple of full seersucker accruements are encouraged like this Herschel cap and J.Crew bow tie, may I suggest going an alternate route with this handsome seersucker shirt by Target. Who says seersucker has to be striped? A few extras added in there like comfortable yet stylish shoes, a boutenier for flair, and most importantly, something to carry your beverages in which is something I almost always forget. Hope to see everyone at the ride!

6th Annual Seersucker Ride
June 21st @ Noon (ride starts at 1 pm)
Canalside, Buffalo



Herschel Supply Co. Cap | J.Crew Bow Tie | Hook & Albert Lapel Flower | Merona Seersucker Shirt | J.W Hulme Co. Backpack | Nixon Sentry Watch | Rag & Bone Standard Shorts | ER Souliers de Skate Shoes


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