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When I woke up Sunday morning and saw that it was pouring out, I thought for sure there was no way the Seersucker Ride was happening… Still determined to at least head down to the waterfront for a bit and possibly snap a few pics, I stepped outside a little before noon and saw that the temps had risen, everything was more or less dry and the sun was trying to peek out. As Greg Courtney was quoted on the Facebook page for the ride regarding a backup plan if it rains, he merely said: “Things work out for us. You’ll see.” Turns out he was right. I threw the Schwinn into the back of the Jeep and headed downtown as quickly as I could.

Canalside was still deeply enveloped in fog when I arrived, making for some beautiful photos. Check out the Facebook page for more shots from earlier in the morning to see what I mean. But imagine what a sight it must have been for spectators as the fog lifted and a sea of seersucker riders emerged from the mist! As always the ride was loads of fun, full of jovial riders with lots of new and familiar faces. Can’t wait for the next one.


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