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One of my current obsessions after our recent trip to Long Beach are these incredible hats by Nick Fouquet. After moving to Venice Beach in 2008, Nick learned all about the art of hat making from his mentor. Soon after he began making and selling his own hats, which are more like works of art. Made by hand using the finest materials, Nick crafts his bespoke hats using unconventional techniques like pre-distressing, paint splatters and personal touches and add-ons specific to the client, making a hat and it’s owner truly one.

I first found out about his work after watching the incredible video below and after seeing several of his hats around Long Beach and on celebrities like Pharrell, Madonna, Justin Beiber and Lebron James, it’s clear Nick is making a name for himself in the hat world. What I truly love about his hats is how each one is unique, with his distressing techniques giving each at a custom look. Plus, his use of the green matchstick as his personal piece of branding is so dope you can’t help but want to try to slip one into your own hat to see how it looks. The hats aren’t cheap with prices reportedly starting between $400-$800, but they are made to be worn for a lifetime and later handed down to future generations. Next time you are in Venice, I highly recommend stopping into the store and getting one made for yourself. In the meantime be sure the check out his website and Instagram page for more of his designs.

NickFouquet1 NickFouquet2 NickFouquet3 NickFouquet4


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This past Sunday, our good friends at KC You There invited us to sample the new Sunday Brunch menu at Templeton Landing. We’ve reported in the past on Templeton Landing’s incredible location which, during the warmer months is highly deserving of their hashtag #BestSpotInBuff. We’ve returned several times for dinner and good old fashioned day drinking, but never actually been there for brunch. Being that it was the wife’s birthday weekend and the weather was perfect, we jumped at the chance to attend.

The temperature was a balmy 83 degrees outside, but being right on the water, we hardly noticed as we sipped our bottomless mimosas. Up next was one of the real treats of our visit: Templeton Landing’s Colossal Blood Mary’s! As the cart rolled up, we chose between regular or spicy flavor and proceeded to add additional ingredients of our choosing. Being a Bloody Mary novice, I deferred to their best judgment and opted for the standard celery stick, a piece of shrimp, some peppers for color, a stick of savory bacon before finally topping it off with a slider. That’s right. There was a full-on hamburger in my drink and it was fantastic! Hands down of the best Bloody Mary’s we’ve ever had.

Understandably, the Bloody Mary was a tough act to follow. We opted for some of the crowd favorites of Belgian Waffles (which for some reason are called “Belgium” waffles on the menu which the wife pointed out) with strawberries, a side of bacon and Eggs Benedict for the Mrs. The food was good, however the bacon was our favorite part and it’s difficult to make something for brunch really spectacular (especially, like I said before with having to follow up the Bloody Mary’s), but the incredible view from Templeton Landing is so great you hardly mind. Lastly, we ordered some desert mainly because it was the wife’s birthday and she loves key lime pie where as I’m indifferent about it. She thought it was delicious and we enjoyed our view a little while longer before heading home for some lounging by the pool and digesting our delicious brunch.

Thanks again to KC You There and to Templeton Landing for having us. If you’re looking for a stellar brunch spot while the weather is nice, we cannot recommend Templeton Landing enough. Come see for yourself why it’s the #BestSpotInBuff.

TLBrunch2 TLBrunch3TLBrunch4 TLBrunch5 TLBrunch6 TLBrunch7 TLBrunch8 TLBrunch9 TLBrunch10

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One of the few shops that we’ve never featured on Buffalo Dandy is the downtown favorite Urban. Recently rebranded as Urban Leisure & Luxury, the Elmwood Village boutique has gotten away from selling snowboards and started focusing on more lifestyle products along with the contemporary men’s and women’s clothing the store is known for. I never thought of Urban as overly Dandy and it had more of a street vibe to it which is one of the reasons why the store never showed up on the blog. However, after stopping in recently and checking out some of their new products I came across a a collection from a company called The Local Branch which I absolutely had to share.

The Local Branch is a lifestyle brand on a journey. The goods are hand crafted by Blaine and Mackenzie in their mobile Airstream trailer as they travel throughout America. Each item they sell is made in a different location during their travels, giving everything a unique heritage backstory. Their current collection of leather goods features bison leather obtained from factories that were using the animals for meat. A holster for your passport/wallet/phone, a saddle bag with a wool blanket and ingenious boot satchels are perfect for storing your valuables during festivals, horseback riding, hiking or whatever outdoor adventures you can think of. The stuff is not cheap, but is built to last a lifetime and I want…WANT the holster! Stop into Urban Leisure & Luxury to shop the collection yourself, and also be sure the check out the rest of the offerings from The Local Branch. Their website and products are beautiful plus the story behind their brand is truly fascinating and worth a read. Urban still has some work to do on their site, but with the new direction the store is taking, I’m definitely planning on stopping in more often.

LocalBranch1 LocalBranch2 LocalBranch4LocalBranch3

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Sunday’s have become our official “Family Beach Day” at the Dandy household, which is great because it not only gives us an excuse to head up to Beaver Island for the day, but also to help Dandy Jr. get better acclimated with the water. With our constant trips to the beach, I find myself in need of several key wardrobe pieces which can easily be transitioned from the water and dry land. Above are some of our favorite pieces for these transitions.

Quality Peoples Sweatshirt | JanSport Hatchet Backpack | Swell Stainless Steel Bottle | Apolis Scout Transition Shorts | Converse Jack Purcell Sneakers | O.P. Jewellery Explorer’s Fortune Pendant

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Lounge Upgrades


While many of us (the Dandy clan included) spend our Summer’s crammed with so many activities it’s often hard to find any actual “free time”, but it’s important to remember that Summer is also a time for relaxation. Whether it’s outside on your back patio, or inside in your lounge/living room, one could always use so a few upgrades to make that your “me time” a little more enjoyable. Above are some of our favorite items currently on our wish list to truly pimp out our lounge area.

Frank Lloyd Wright – After The Rolling Stone’s visit to the Darwin Martin House, one should always showcase some of the pride Buffalo has for one of the world’s most famous architects. Based on unlimited access to the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives in Taliesin, Arizona, the book spans Wright’s projects, both realized and unrealized, including his early Prairie Houses, the Usonian concept home, the Tokyo years, his progressive “living architecture” buildings, and later schemes like the Guggenheim Museum.

Monopoly Plus 4 Wooden Board Game – A good game of Monopoly is a great way to past the time, especially with some games lasting hours. This extremely handsome version of the classic Monopoly game comes with a wooden game cabinet and metal pieces. The board reverses to a chess / checkers board and includes wooden game pieces. This will look good in a room whether it’s being played or not.

Miansai Leather Journal – While you’re relaxing, I’m told it’s therapeutic to jot down your thoughts, dreams, or just doodle while your mind wanders. This incredible journal from Miansai combines both my love of leather journals and their coveted bracelets. Available in both cognac and black.

Tom Dixon “Water” Candle – I’m not sure about you guys, but we’ve gone full nautical in the Dandy household after our trip to Kennebunkport. We’ve been struggling to find the prefect scent to compliment on our current aesthetic, but this water-scented Tom Dixon candle might be it. By combining watermelon and amber musk the piece emits a fresh maritime scent.

Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones – A quality pair of headphones is essential for any audiophile and these Master & Dynamic headphones blow most other models away. Designed to foster the relationship between sound and creativity with brushed steel frame and wrinkled leather on the headband, these headphone have a great old school look but with the best modern sound technology.

Vitra George Nelson Night Clock – So you’re a couple of glasses of scotch in at this point, listening to a choice selection of vinyl albums on your headphones, when suddenly you glance at your gorgeous replica of the Night Clock created by George Nelson and realize “oh God, what time is it?!” and hurry off to bed because you told the wife you would come to bed after one more song and that was like two hours ago…

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The Federal Bar


During my recent trip to Long Beach, I had the good fortune of checking out some incredible shops and restaurants during my stay. We’ve featured quite a few remarkable places here on the site, but few have truly taken my breath away like The Federal Bar.

Originally opened as a bank at the turn of the last century, The Federal Bar has been immaculately and meticulously restored so it looks as if it was just built. When you walk in, you are immediately greeted by one of two breathtaking crystal chandeliers hanging from the three floor-high ceiling. As you follow the cherry pillars up towards the ceiling, you see the original hand painted beams running the entire length of the building. The beautiful damask curtains are nestled between the windows which flood the floor with natural light from outside. The bar on the right as you walk in is so well integrated into the look of the interior, you almost don’t even notice that it’s there. At first I was skeptical of their rather limited looking whiskey selection, but as I traveled towards one of their several private siting areas, my fears were laid to rest. At the rear end of the restaurant sits a beautiful floor to ceiling mural, beside which rests one of the more impressive whiskey bars I’ve ever seen. As incredible as all this was, I had only just begun my exploration of The Federal Bar.


It turns out, there was not only a basement bar which had private VIP areas nestled inside one of the banks original vaults, there was also a legitimate Speak Easy used during Prohibition which was converted to yet another bar within a bar, within a bar. As we entered the dimly lit basement, it definitely felt more like a nightclub. Nothing too fancy, just some velvet red curtains, some sitting areas but still a very weathered, vintage looking bar which kept with the overall aesthetic of The Federal Bar. It had a little more underground, grungy feel to it, but that’s what was cool about it. Plus the vault. My God, the vault. The door was so intimidating I was almost afraid to go in it. Lastly we were led into the speak easy. The lights were out because it wasn’t open yet, however we were lucky enough to be told the password to get it once it opened: “Johnny sent me”.

FederalBar3 FederalBar4

I was so enamored with The Federal Bar that I had to go back during dinner. Their beer selection is quite good, as was the food, however, the service was a bit lack luster during dinner time. We had to wait over an hour for our food, which was unfortunate, and we were sat so far away from the bar that it also took forever for our drinks to show up. Thankfully our waitress (who was decked out in fully 20’s flapper garb which I thought was a nice touch) was aware of the problem and was gracious enough to give us a nice discount on our meal which made up for any unpleasant feelings which were had during our meal. After speaking with some locals about our experience, it turns out that since The Federal Bar has opened service has been a bit dodgy. People tend not to mind because the interior is so awe inspiring, but if you’re going to invest so much money in restoring a building like that, one would think service and getting food out on time is something that wouldn’t be overlooked.

Still, if you happen to find yourself in Long Beach, or are in LA and feel like taking a short drive, I cannot recommend enough stopping into the Federal Bar for lunch or dinner. All that’s missing is George Banks from Mary Poppins walking up to you singing about tuppence (whatever those are). It’s a wonderful time warp of a restaurant that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

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4th of July is coming up this weekend, and it’s always a great time to deck yourself out in some of the finest “Made in Merica” products around. Above are some of favorites… some new, some classics, some a little out there. As always we encourage you to have fun and look your Dandy best this holiday weekend (while being safe of course). But if you’re looking to go full Party in the USA mode, any one of these items (many of which are from Buffalo) are sure to start you on the right path.

Buffalo Made Co. WW Champs Tank $20 | New Era Wowie Visor $21 | Brewsees Captain Prymerica Sunglasses $54 | Shinola Runwell Titanium Chrono $1,100 | Ian Michael Co. ‘Merica Socks $20 | Kegworks Leather Beer Holdster $24 | Chubbies ‘Merica Shorts $60 | Lanona Spaulding Boat Shoes $265

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