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Happy Halloween from Dandy Vader: The Dapper Lord of The Sith!


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Well, the day we’ve been waiting for these past 26 years is finally here! October 21, 2015 the day Marty McFly traveled into the future and introduced the world to such incredible possibilities like hover boards, self lacing shoes, flying cars, and the Cubs winning the World Series. While the world waits with bated-breath for Nike to finally announce the release of their famous Self Lacing Air Mags which are sure to sell instantly, Mondo Tees is releasing a collection of Back To The Future vinyl records and posters which are sure to sell out just as quick. Featuring artwork by James Flames and Matt Taylor, this incredible collection is available as a whole or as individual pieces. A favorite of mine, with today being #FutureDay, would have to be the limited edition Back To The Future Part II Soundtrack. With an incredible cover and Air Mag inspired splatter print on the record, this album is a must have for Back To The Future fans. Check out the rest of the incredible release here, and be sure to head over to Mondo’s website to pre-order at 12pm CST today to get your hands on this incredible collection.


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If you’re looking for the perfect weekender bag, this recent collaboration from Roots and Pendleton just might be the one! Combining the intricate patterns of Pendleton’s iconic designs with the warmth and beauty of American made Horween Leather, the Small Banff Bag by Roots is perfect for a weekend getaway. The bags were only made in limited quantities and are currently getting plenty of press on the interwebs, so if you’re contemplating getting one, I suggest you jump on it now.


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While Ian Michael Co. will always remain one of our favorite providers of Buffalo-themed hosiery, O’Connell’s just upped the ante with their official Buffalo Socks by Corgi. Spun in Wales from a soft cotton-blend with ribbed cuffs, hand-linked toe seams and reinforced toes and heels, these handsome all over buffalo patterned socks are sure to turn a few heads. Available in a wide range of both bright and subtle colors (including Sabres and Bills colorways) these socks are a fine addition to any Buffalo Dandy’s wardrobe. Apparently they’ve been a long time in the making and by the looks of things, they were well worth the wait! Order them online or stop into O’Connell’s store to get yours today.


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Urban Beadsman has made a name for themselves by providing some of the finest grooming products on the market and recently they’ve teamed up with Trunklist to create the first ever shirt with the bearded man in mind. Simply called “Shirt #1”, the slim fitting button down is made of a premium Japanese sourced fabrics and comes in three options: a midweight indigo chambray, a midweight cotton/linen blend in light gray, and a lightweight cotton/linen blend in a burgundy and cream check. Each shirt features a cross stitched x on the contrasting pocket, reminiscent of the Urban Beardsman logo and a low profile collar so not to get in the way of your manly facial hair. The shirt looks a little long in some of the photos, which make it perfect of wearing tucked in, but personally I prefer my shirts to be a little shorter if I’m going to wear them untucked. Still, these shirts look fantastic and since I’m hoping to grow my annual winter beard again this year, this could be the perfect shirt to wear with it.



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