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Urban Beadsman has made a name for themselves by providing some of the finest grooming products on the market and recently they’ve teamed up with Trunklist to create the first ever shirt with the bearded man in mind. Simply called “Shirt #1”, the slim fitting button down is made of a premium Japanese sourced fabrics and comes in three options: a midweight indigo chambray, a midweight cotton/linen blend in light gray, and a lightweight cotton/linen blend in a burgundy and cream check. Each shirt features a cross stitched x on the contrasting pocket, reminiscent of the Urban Beardsman logo and a low profile collar so not to get in the way of your manly facial hair. The shirt looks a little long in some of the photos, which make it perfect of wearing tucked in, but personally I prefer my shirts to be a little shorter if I’m going to wear them untucked. Still, these shirts look fantastic and since I’m hoping to grow my annual winter beard again this year, this could be the perfect shirt to wear with it.




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