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It’s been a busy month for new businesses in Buffalo and we could not be more excited for the opening of Furnishings on the 500 Block of Main Street. If you’re looking to kick off your holiday shopping, Furnishings should definitely be your first (and possibly only) stop.

I spoke with Andrew LoTempio, the shop’s owner, about his philosophy behind Furnishings and he had this to say: “Alot of people, understandably, here the name ‘Furnishings’ and are expecting to walk in and see a furniture store. They are shocked when they see the store is so much more than that. Yes we offer furnishings for you home, but we offer furnishings for your body and mind as well. So many shops we’ve seen offer either one or the other and we wanted to offer both.” Shoppers can find ties, scarfs, jewelry and a myriad of other accessories both for you and for your home, making the store a great one stop shop for the holidays. After just spending a short while in the store, I easily found a ton of gifts for family and friends (and maybe a few for myself).

The store offers a lot of truly unique gifts, but naturally Andrew realizes that there will be shoppers coming in looking for “Buffalo-themed” items, which he has done a wonderful job of curating by offering just a few which have a great twist to them like the colorful city map pillow, book ends and Buffalo-shaped cushions. He also has some great curiosity shop-inspired items that are sure to be a hit among downtown’s trendier shoppers, as well as some terrific looking ties from Swell Fellow. Lastly one of my favorite things about the shop is while all of the items look very high end and the shop has a very upscale boutique feel to it, the pricing is incredibly affordable which is something Andrew paid particular attention to. He wanted a shop that would appeal to the diverse clientele that both lives and works in this area and I think he has done a fantastic job creating a great new shop for downtown.

Be sure to stop into Furnishings if you’re planning on doing some Holiday shopping during Shop Small Saturday and also check out some more photos of this incredible looking store below.

500 Main Street
Buffalo, NY


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