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Today marks the 10th Annual Dyngus Day Celebration in Buffalo. A day (often confusing to those not from Buffalo) where the city celebrates it’s Polish heritage with parades, day drinking, squirting girls with water guns and hitting boys with pussy willows. I know, right… what’s confusing about that? What started 10 years ago with a bunch of young friends looking to reclaim some of their Polish heritage has transformed into the largest Dyngus Day Celebration in America. A see of red transcends upon Buffalo as the local Polish bars are filled to capacity with those easily awaiting their next helping Tyskie beer and smoked sausage. The wife and I partook a few years back and it really is an incredible sight to see. The weather isn’t looking to be as nice as it was on Easter, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t look your Dandy best in a festive, yet tasteful, outfit. Just don’t forget the essentials like your water gun and of course, a classic polka record. Have fun and be safe everyone!

Raincoat: Nordstrom | Button Down: J.Crew | T-Shirt: 716 Shop | Tudor Black Bay: Reeds Jenss | Denim: Levi’s | Squirt Gun: Walmart | Beer: Consumer’s Beverage | Viny: Record Theatre


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