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Once again this year we would like all of you lovers of the open water to check out the Discover Buffalo Sailing Program kicking off at the end of April. Discover Buffalo Sailing is your introduction to the world of sailing. Taking place the first 4 weeks of the sailing season, the program will expose you to basic sailing skills through a structured program of onshore chalk-talks and on the water, hands-on experience. Club boat owners are volunteering their equipment to give you the best possible experiences. Mentors and seasoned crew members will coach you as you learn how the wind and the sails move the vessel through the water. The program will include basic boat handling, safety, and mock race starts.

The 2016 season will kick off on Thursday April 21st  from 6:30-8:30pm with an orientation session that will outline the program expectations, recommended equipment and boat assignments. It will also be a “meet the skipper” night as all participants and fellow crew members, including your club mentors, will be introduced . This meeting will be held at Obersheimer Sailor Supply – 1884 Niagara St. Buffalo, NY 14207 on the second floor sail loft.

Sessions will run on four consecutive Saturdays with the first session running from 8:30am -1:00pm on May 21st. The remaining sessions will start at 8:45am. Each session will consist of a 45 minute dockside chalk-talk and 1-1/2 hour sail, weather permitting. Sessions will not be rescheduled if poor weather prevails. In the case of poor weather, a dockside lesson will be substituted. Each boat will have a mentor and a minimum of two seasoned crew members. Participants will be actively involved in sailing during each session.

The only requirement for participation is basic club membership which is currently $50, a $10 materials fee, and signature of a liability waiver. Participants need to be agile enough to easily move around a boat in motion. For more specific information regarding requirements prior to orientation, please contact Patrick Weisansal II, Program Coordinator at


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Spring is a tricky time fashion-wise because while many of us welcome the warm weather, some of us are hesitant to relinquish our favorite winter wardrobe staples. This is when proper layering becomes essential and introducing a few new transition pieces will really pull your outfit together. We’ve combined some of our favorite trends from this past season (longline jackets and sweaters) as well as some emerging ones (all black everything) to create a look perfect for the gloomy weather usually associated with the Springtime in Buffalo. Favorites include this new take on the bomber jacket trend that was everywhere this Winter with an updated longline silhouette from ASOS, a new color option from my favorite H&M hoodie, J.Crew Oxfords which have replaced pretty much every other shirt in my closet, these incredible looking double monk sneakers from TAFT and the new murdered out Filson Dutch Harbor Watch which is straight killing it in the watch world.

ASOS Longline Bomber Jacket $93 $50 | H&M Sweatshirt Cardigan $40 | J.Crew Garment Dyed Oxford $75 | Yellow 108 Fedora $98 | Studebaker Metals Braddock Cuff $50 | TAFT The Gable Doublemonk Sneaker $130 | Filson Dutch Harbor Watch $800 | J.Crew 484 Gorham Wash Denim $125


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This is a bit of a different post for Buffalo Dandy, but after the wife’s recent decision to give Home Chef a try, we were so happy with the result that we had to share our experience with everyone.

For those who are unaware, Home Chef is a Chicago-based meal ordering service which sends a weeks worth of meals to your doorstep complete with easy to follow recipe instructions and pre-portioned ingredients. Everything arrives fresh with nothing frozen. You select your menu for the week and for around $10 a meal, you get a choice of 10 unique, healthy and delicious dinners. Perfect for professionals who don’t have time to cook, or parents who struggle with what to make for dinner every night, Home Chef eliminates to various trips to the grocery store as well as buying a bunch of ingredients that (most times) end up only being partially used and eventually thrown away. Hands down one of our favorite parts of the service is how all of the ingredients or pre-portioned. You need just a little bit of a certain spice? It’s included in the your meal. Also included are simple, easy to follow recipe cards which can be kept in a provided binder for future reference.

I was curious to see what my wife thought about the food. She is such an amazing cook and I wanted to see how the recipes compared to hers. To our delight our meal was delicious and many of them were different takes on recipes she said she never would have thought of making. The portions are also perfect for two people which eliminates wasteful leftovers. If you struggle with what to have for dinner each night, we highly recommend giving Home Chef a try.


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It has been a long, long time since we posted a proper street style shot on, but this dude’s look is too perfect not to share. The cut of his suit is Spot on (haha) and the colors he chose are a stellar combo for Spring. Paired with his double monks, matching belt and the perfect knot for this width tie, this is how today’s young professionals should be dressing. All that was missing was the pocket square, but his suit fit so well I didn’t even notice.

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Novel is brand based on the idea of creating art pieces that people can wear. Their first line are pocket squares and exhibits 50 species of butterfly, each uniquely capturing the essence and beauty of the wings. These are created according to the principles of a lost art in Chinese culture.


Taking a high quality silk; to which a skilled master embroiderer then hand sews the intricate details of the butterfly motif in a method known as double-sided embroidery. Each butterfly captures every detail of its living counterpart, incorporating the natural beauty of the wingspan. Upon completion of the sewing, artists expertly apply paint in order to replicate the delicate nature of this living creature.


These pocket squares are truly breathtaking, beautiful and a great idea. The price tag for these masterpieces, however, are another matter. Because they are hand embroidered and made of the finest materials, they are accompanied by a slightly higher price tag starting at around $300. Granted, they are part of an art collection so try to look at them more as an investment. But damn, that’s a lot for a pocket square. All that being said I totally want one.

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