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I’ve been a fan of leather iPhone cases for a while here at Buffalo Dandy, but after being introduced to Mikol’s luxury marble iPhone cases, I might have had a change of heart.

Mikol initially began as a manufacturer in San Francisco, building other people’s designs. After getting frustrated when designers would create stunning products but would then be hindered by budget constraints, the folks at Mikol decided to design and produce beautiful products themselves and not let cost be the primary concern. They specialize in creating marble iPhone, iPad and even MacBook cases, as well as providing marble covered notebooks, cufflinks, tie bars, necklaces and even bow ties.

After Mikol reached out to me, I admit, I was skeptical. After all, I’ve seen these types of marble cases before and was never really wowed by them. Plus, like I said, my distressed leather iPhone cases always held a special place in my heart. However, when my Nero Marquina Marble iPhone Case arrived, the first words out of my mouth was: “whoa”… Clearly, this was not your average phone case.

The stone used in the case is 100% natural marble (complete with a certificate of authenticity) and measures in at around .7mm, which is as thin as a credit card. You would think that it would be fragile, but Mikol uses a special processing technique that reinforces the marble with a micro fiberglass webbing for added strength and durability. Their logo is etched into the marble, which further heightens the luxury feel of the case. Encased in a PC + ABS molded thermoplastic, the overall design is chic and classic looking. It feels great in your hand and has elegant weight to it. I can honestly say, that this is the nicest iPhone case I have ever owned. If you’re looking to up the luxury level even more, Mikol also offers custom engraving on their products.

Check out more colors and styles on their online store here and many thanks Mikol for sending me this truly stunning iPhone case.







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