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I’ve been a fan of leather iPhone cases for a while here at Buffalo Dandy, but after being introduced to Mikol’s luxury marble iPhone cases, I might have had a change of heart.

Mikol initially began as a manufacturer in San Francisco, building other people’s designs. After getting frustrated when designers would create stunning products but would then be hindered by budget constraints, the folks at Mikol decided to design and produce beautiful products themselves and not let cost be the primary concern. They specialize in creating marble iPhone, iPad and even MacBook cases, as well as providing marble covered notebooks, cufflinks, tie bars, necklaces and even bow ties.

After Mikol reached out to me, I admit, I was skeptical. After all, I’ve seen these types of marble cases before and was never really wowed by them. Plus, like I said, my distressed leather iPhone cases always held a special place in my heart. However, when my Nero Marquina Marble iPhone Case arrived, the first words out of my mouth was: “whoa”… Clearly, this was not your average phone case.

The stone used in the case is 100% natural marble (complete with a certificate of authenticity) and measures in at around .7mm, which is as thin as a credit card. You would think that it would be fragile, but Mikol uses a special processing technique that reinforces the marble with a micro fiberglass webbing for added strength and durability. Their logo is etched into the marble, which further heightens the luxury feel of the case. Encased in a PC + ABS molded thermoplastic, the overall design is chic and classic looking. It feels great in your hand and has elegant weight to it. I can honestly say, that this is the nicest iPhone case I have ever owned. If you’re looking to up the luxury level even more, Mikol also offers custom engraving on their products.

Check out more colors and styles on their online store here and many thanks Mikol for sending me this truly stunning iPhone case.







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Looks like I’m going to have to hand over the title of “Buffalo Dandy” to young Shelden Gibbs, the 11 year old CEO and Founder of Classic Knot. This Buffalo-based entrepreneur has been handcrafting his own line of custom bow ties since May 2016 with no signs of slowing down. Under the watchful eye of his mom, Shelden selects his own fabrics and makes all the ties himself. He also offers matching neck tie and pocket square combos which he sells at trade shows and online via his website.

Big props to this stylish young Dandy for making some truly handsome neckwear and we wish him luck in his endeavor of “creating style that makes statements”. Visit his online shop at and check out some of our favorite ties below. Keep up the great work Shelden!

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During my search for a new pair of sneakers I recently came across a company called Clear Weather Brand. Founded in 2014 by brothers Brandon and Josh Brubaker (who have a combined 30+ years of shoe design experience) Clear Weather seeks to recreate footwear classics for the future by redesigning vintage styles that look modern and distinct. The idea is to appreciate the comfort of wearing a familiar sneaker while still feeling the thrill of rocking an original and fresh design.

History influences the look and feel of everything Clear Weather does, including their logo; a curved line inside an equal sign which is a Native American pictograph that means “clear weather”.

With an impressive library of styles to choose from in a variety of colors and fabrics, hands down one of my favorites is their Santora Collection. Check out my top 5 styles below and be sure to visit their website if you are in the market for a new pair of kicks for Spring.



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Fellow Dandy, designer, photographer, cyclist, watch enthusiast, bon vivant and all around nice guy Julian Montague recently released a collection of Geometric Tote Bags for the

A huge fan of abstract book covers from the 50’s and 60’s, Julian’s bold use of colors and geometric shapes perfectly capture this timeless era of design and are sure to be a favorite among design history buffs or any who appreciates an attractive tote bag. Although that fact that no one has started a tote bag company called “Totes McGoats” is baffling to me.

The bags are available in 3 sizes: 13×13, 16×16 and 18×18 .Pick yours up today!



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One of our favorite local businesses, Oxford Pennant recently launched their first ever pop up shop for the holidays called The Victory Gardens. Partnering with many of the brands which Oxford Pennant has worked with in the past, their small retail space is perfectly curated with an impressively wide selection of goods which fit perfectly into Oxford’s in-house motto of “A Cabin In The Woods”, or more specifically “something you would want for your cabin in the woods.” Full of outdoor, vintage-inspired goods like blankets, custom painted paddles (and hockey stocks!!!), travel mugs, bags, bottle openers, candles, cologne, patches, t-shirts, sweaters, an incredible blanket-lined denim jacket, Oxford Pin-ants, and of course their entire Pennant catalog, this pop up is a must-stop-shop for Buffalonians looking for unique quality gifts.

The shop is open Monday-Saturday from 12-8 at their 43 W Tupper St headquarters in downtown Buffalo. You won’t be disappointed.


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With the holidays quickly approaching here in Buffalo, it’s time to start planning for one our favorite times of the year: Black Friday. While many wouldn’t dream of heading out into the madness on this often dreaded day after Thanksgiving, I revel in it. It’s a tradition in the Dandy household that we pack into the car and head out usually around 10 am because, while our newborn already has us up at 5:30, we’re not about that “get to the mall at dawn” life. So we head to the mall to brave the crowds, hopefully snag some deals and enjoy our first Peppermint Mocha of the season.

With all the renovations and new stores at the Fashion Outlets at Niagara Falls, it’s easily become one of my favorite shopping destinations in Buffalo. Imagine my surprise/delight when I was asked to participate in a photoshoot at the Outlets to showcase pieces from some of my favorite stores and put together a “What to Wear on Black Friday” outfit.


The temperatures in Buffalo are dropping steadily, which means Winter will be rearing it’s ugly head soon enough. Which I’m kind of OK with because they means it will be time to start busting out some more rugged wardrobe staples. Thankfully, the recently opened Timberland store has pretty much everything you’ll need to handle those tough Buffalo Winters. The Mount Davis Waxed Jacket is heavy duty enough to protect you from the elements but is also lightweight enough for wearing indoors. So you don’t have to worry about overheating while walking around the mall in a bulky winter jacket. I’m also in love with their Earthkeeper Boots, which are made from recycled materials and are perfect for being on your feet all day while shopping til you drop. The boots tend to run big which means they’ll fit perfectly with a pair thick woolen socks which are also available in the store.

Next we stopped by the Levi’s store and spoke with their extremely knowledgable staff about the best way to finish putting our look together. I’m a big fan our of their 511 style, which is slim but not too slim with just the right amount of stretch and the perfect low rise.  With plenty of washes to choose from, I went with a more worn-in look to match the jacket. I also eyed an olive corduroy western shirt which is just holiday-looking enough amidst the sea of red you tend see everywhere this time of year. With all the affordable pricing on some truly stellar pieces, the Levi’s store quickly became a new favorite of mine.

I finished this casual look off with a nice heavy-knit Hugo Boss scarf from Saks Off Fifth. Now, don’t get me wrong, one could easily pick an entire outfit from any of these stores (more on that later), but I often find this store to be more of a scavenger hunt unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. However, if you’re looking for some simple, well made accessories for some easy stocking stuffer wins, Saks should definitely be one of your first stops.

Once all of these pieces were put together, you have a comfortable yet fashionable look which is perfect for the unpredictable Buffalo weather and makes spending all day at the mall a breeze.


If you are interested in purchasing any of the items mentioned above, The Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls will be hosting a Fashionably Late Black Friday Event on November 24th-25th. The Mall will open at 8PM-2AM on Thanksgiving Day and reopening at 6AM on Black Friday until 9PM with several stores (Levi’s and Timberland included) staying open for 24 hours straight. This late night shopping event is a great option for those looking to beat some of the holiday crowds without having to get up a the crack of dawn.

Many thanks to the Fashion Outlets at Niagara Falls for letting me spend the day shopping with them and be sure to stay tuned for next month’s post about what to wear to those upcoming Holiday Parties.

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Once again this year we would like all of you lovers of the open water to check out the Discover Buffalo Sailing Program kicking off at the end of April. Discover Buffalo Sailing is your introduction to the world of sailing. Taking place the first 4 weeks of the sailing season, the program will expose you to basic sailing skills through a structured program of onshore chalk-talks and on the water, hands-on experience. Club boat owners are volunteering their equipment to give you the best possible experiences. Mentors and seasoned crew members will coach you as you learn how the wind and the sails move the vessel through the water. The program will include basic boat handling, safety, and mock race starts.

The 2016 season will kick off on Thursday April 21st  from 6:30-8:30pm with an orientation session that will outline the program expectations, recommended equipment and boat assignments. It will also be a “meet the skipper” night as all participants and fellow crew members, including your club mentors, will be introduced . This meeting will be held at Obersheimer Sailor Supply – 1884 Niagara St. Buffalo, NY 14207 on the second floor sail loft.

Sessions will run on four consecutive Saturdays with the first session running from 8:30am -1:00pm on May 21st. The remaining sessions will start at 8:45am. Each session will consist of a 45 minute dockside chalk-talk and 1-1/2 hour sail, weather permitting. Sessions will not be rescheduled if poor weather prevails. In the case of poor weather, a dockside lesson will be substituted. Each boat will have a mentor and a minimum of two seasoned crew members. Participants will be actively involved in sailing during each session.

The only requirement for participation is basic club membership which is currently $50, a $10 materials fee, and signature of a liability waiver. Participants need to be agile enough to easily move around a boat in motion. For more specific information regarding requirements prior to orientation, please contact Patrick Weisansal II, Program Coordinator at

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This is a bit of a different post for Buffalo Dandy, but after the wife’s recent decision to give Home Chef a try, we were so happy with the result that we had to share our experience with everyone.

For those who are unaware, Home Chef is a Chicago-based meal ordering service which sends a weeks worth of meals to your doorstep complete with easy to follow recipe instructions and pre-portioned ingredients. Everything arrives fresh with nothing frozen. You select your menu for the week and for around $10 a meal, you get a choice of 10 unique, healthy and delicious dinners. Perfect for professionals who don’t have time to cook, or parents who struggle with what to make for dinner every night, Home Chef eliminates to various trips to the grocery store as well as buying a bunch of ingredients that (most times) end up only being partially used and eventually thrown away. Hands down one of our favorite parts of the service is how all of the ingredients or pre-portioned. You need just a little bit of a certain spice? It’s included in the your meal. Also included are simple, easy to follow recipe cards which can be kept in a provided binder for future reference.

I was curious to see what my wife thought about the food. She is such an amazing cook and I wanted to see how the recipes compared to hers. To our delight our meal was delicious and many of them were different takes on recipes she said she never would have thought of making. The portions are also perfect for two people which eliminates wasteful leftovers. If you struggle with what to have for dinner each night, we highly recommend giving Home Chef a try.


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With the warmer weather (hopefully) on its way here in Buffalo, it’s time to start listening to some more seasonally appropriate music. Some friends of mine from Vermont, The High Breaks, just released their first studio album “Droppin Off With… The High Breaks” and it is pure retro surf rock gold. The High Breaks aim for a very specific comfort level. By crafting traditional surf vibe and tone into an accessible instrumental story, the goal is to give the listener a sensation of being elsewhere. Think a mix of Dick Dale and The Centurians.

Dropping Off With… is currently available for digital download here and the band plans on using the proceeds to release a vinyl version of the album which, needless to say, will be the best way to experience to this album.

Surf’s Up!

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For anyone who has attended a Bills game this year, you may have noticed two new clocks by BENRUS in the stadium. As the official timepiece provider for the Buffalo Bills, BENRUS has been making military style watches since 1921. Started by three brothers in New York City (Oscar, Benjamin and Ralph Lazrus), the name is a combination of Benjamin’s first and last name: “BEN” jamin laz “RUS”. BENRUS outfitted U.S. aviators during WWII with their “Sky Chief” model, while their TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 models were used by CIA and Navy Seal operatives during the Vietnam War. These original models are highly sought after by collectors and what BENRUS largely based their new H-6 model on. Recently, BENRUS relaunched itself as a full blown lifestyle brand, creating not only vintage style watches but also backpacks, apparel and sunglasses. I reached out to BENRUS and asked to feature one of their impressive timepieces on Buffalo Dandy and they were kind enough to send me one to review.

Having a background in design, I am always a sucker for packaging. So naturally I was instantly hooked when the H-6 arrived in a military-inspired waxed cotton canvas carrying pouch. Traveling with watches is always tricky when it comes to storing them and this pouch will certainly come in handy for that. Extra attention was paid to the design of the instruction booklet as well which was inspired by old field manuals. Lastly, when the watch finally came out of the pouch, everything fit together to complete the look perfectly.

The name “H-6” was chosen to acknowledge one of the most important events in all of horology… Centuries ago, there was a royal competition to accurately assess longitude on the open seas. This was the age of dangerous seafaring trade where fortunes were won or lost depending on the survival of a ship and crew. John Harrison won the prize by revolutionizing the time keeping craft and developing a series of ever improving clocks, the H-1 through the H-5. Carrying on the tradition, BENRUS came up with the H-6.

At 44mm, the watch is far from bulky due to it being so well balanced by its 22mm nylon strap. The unidirectional coin edge rotating bezel features the hours rather than the minutes which is common on most diving watches. The stainless steel lugs have a fantastic antique finish on them, with extra care taken to have the watch look weathered at all the right places. The face features a textured matte black finish while the hour markers are a great off-white color which (when combined with the antique finishing) makes the watch look much older than it really is. Further down the face, just below the H-6 name, is a more traditional callout of depth measurement of 10 ATM, which stands for 10 meters of static water pressure resistance per 1 ATM or Atmospheres. While a little math is required, this basically means the watch is water resistant up to 100 meters. The H-6 pays even further homage still to it’s Navy Seal background with an anchor symbol featured on both the second hand and crown. Lastly, the nylon strap is extremely comfortable and I love the fact that the holes on the band are reinforced with a wax sealant to keep them from fraying.

In conclusion, the H-6 is a smart, rugged, military-inspired workhorse ready to take just about anything you can throw at it. From top to bottom, the overall look and attention to detail on this watch is masterfully done. Best of all, BENRUS timepieces are very affordably priced, so your wrist game will be on point without breaking the bank. Many thanks to BENRUS for allowing me the opportunity to review this watch which has quickly become a favorite of mine. I received many a compliment on it during last weekends Johnny Onion Ride and it was great to find out so many people were already familiar with the history behind BENRUS and that it’s such a respected brand among watch fans. Head on over to to check out not only their impressive watches, but also their selection of ties, bags and apparel from their FALL15 collection.  $255


Lastly, as we mentioned earlier in the post, BENRUS recently announced they were the Official Timepiece of the Buffalo Bills and have been featuring the Best Dressed Bills on Instagram each week. Each winner receives a piece from BENRUS’s new collection and I love seeing how the team shows up on game day dressed to impress. Be sure to follow not only the Buffalo Bills on Instagram, but also BENRUS to check out some of the Bills most fashionable players.

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