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Hello there, I have a question about the early Edwardian ties, around 1900. I can see some men on the photos wearing scarf ties, but i cannot find them anywhere to buy (unless they are just silk square scarves, tied in that way). Also, is it possible to wear an ascot outside the collar during the day, just plain tie without ruche or any other knot? I have seen some examples of the same way of tying an ascot as inside the shirt, but outside tucked into a waistcoat. And last one, also Edwardian neckties. Is there any difference between a necktie and tie ?

Kind regards,


Thanks so much for writing, Daniel. The only “Edwardian Ties” I’ve ever come across are usually found on sites like These ties are generally for the highest of formal wear occasions and are very Dandy in deed. But you will most likely have a hard time finding them in a brick in mortar store which is why I would recommend just going with a plain ascot which always has the perfect blend of casual yet dressy. You will also most likely have a difficult time finding ascots sold in stores these days, yet plenty of online shops offer them like Sterling Ascots and Ceravelo.


As for your other inquiry, if you take a look at the photos below, it’s entirely possibly to wear an ascot on the outside of the collar for a more casual look, but if that’s truly the look you are going for I would almost recommend just wearing a silk scarf like the one seen on Johnny Depp. Back in the day I used to wear an ascot from time to time and I loved how it looked. I didn’t even have a proper ascot, I just used a thin cotton scarf that I had and it looked great (at least I thought so).  What was great about it is it didn’t have the ruching on the back so if I wanted to wear it like a scarf, I still could. You can find plenty of silk scarf options online, which will lay the best, at stores like Nordstrom. Once you find what you are looking for, head on over to our “How To Tie an Ascot” tutorial.

I hope this helps Daniel. Thanks again for the question. Be sure to keep reading and as always, stay Dandy.



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Hi there BD,
Came across your site shared on reddit. I saw your inquiries page and had a question that maybe you can help me with. I would love for my fiance and his groomsmen wear tweed suits (or even just the coats) for our wedding since I do not like the stuffy suit or tux look. Do you know of any place in Buffalo that will rent out anything of the tweed variety?



Hi Elisa. Thanks so much for writing. This sounds like a very Dandy wedding and I love the idea! Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of many places offering to “rent” a tweed sport coat, let alone a full suit. That being said, there are plenty of places that sell tweed jackets and suits that luckily this time of year should be on sale. Depending on the size of your wedding party, you should all be able to have them buy suits which would be around the cost if not slightly more than renting a tux. Some places I would recommend checking out are:

Another idea if money is tight would be checking out the local thrift shops to get a tweed suit on the cheap and have it tailored. This way, everyone could have their own look but still be within the tweed family (see the photo below).
I hope this helps. Congrats on your wedding and I wish you the best of luck.

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Greetings Mr. Dandy,

I’m a fan or your blog, and I’m hoping you might be able to offer some advice. I’m in a bit of a jam. I have a job interview out of town Monday, and I need to get my only suit (I know, I know) altered/tailored ASAP. Do you have any recommendation s for a WNY tailor that can do quick, quality work? Thanks in advance.
– B

First off, thanks for writing and the kind words B. I’ve found one of the more timely and affordable tailors in WNY to be Chaybans. With several brick and mortar shops located all over Buffalo, you are sure to find one that is relatively close to you. Depending on the alterations, I’ve had pants hemmed within 10 minutes of walking into the store, and a jacket done within a day or two. Their prices are very affordable and the staff is receptive to giving you what you want, not what they think looks good which is a problem I’ve had at other places. Naturally there are several other fine tailoring shops in Buffalo, but if you’re in a bind and just looking for a quick alteration, I think your best bet is Chaybans. I hope this helps. Good luck in that job interview, keep reading and as always, stay Dandy.

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This past Thursday I was invited to attend the launch party for Bloodline Handmade at the First Niagara Center. Bloodline Handmade is a bespoke men’s tailoring company which sources the finest of fabrics and materials worldwide while keeping the manufacturing process right here in Buffalo. With expert tailors, cutters, and seamstresses, Bloodline is looking to create a product that exemplifies the world’s finest tailoring traditions at an affordable price point. Thus allowing every gentleman who cares about his appearance the opportunity to have garments that are completely hand made to his specifications.


Upon my arrival I spoke with the enthusiastic mastermind behind the company, Jason Edward Blood. A fellow Buffalo transplant like myself, Jason hails from “all over the place, most recently New York” and has just moved into Allentown and is absolutely enamored with this city and his fellow Buffalonians. “Everyone here has been so incredible and welcoming. Through word of mouth alone we’ve already established an impressive client base and we’re just getting started…”

Having been involved in custom tailoring since he was 8, Jason regaled me with tales of yelling at his tailor as young boy about functional button holes and getting his sleeve lengths perfect. I knew right away that I liked him. Jason has made a perfect union with fellow partners Adam March and Dan Valentine; two Buffalonian entrepreneurs looking to change the face of downtown with their much anticipated new restaurant: The Lodge.



Bloodline has also partnered with the newly renamed J. Norman Men’s Shop in the Tony Walker Center to be their official suit maker and serve as the companies base of operations. Renovations are currently underway to make it a truly unique menswear destination complete with a bar, lounge area and more. New York State Senator Mark Grisanti, Assemblyman Ray Walter, Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw and Mayor Byron Brown were all in attendance and participated in the ceremonial ribbon cutting to welcome Bloodline to Buffalo.

bloodline3   bloodline6 bloodline7 bloodline8

This was one of the few times in Buffalo I felt undressed as I watched everyone looking incredibly Dandy in their custom suits. But this was a good thing. It makes you want to keep your wardrobe fresh and helped sell the idea that I needed one of these suits. To be able to offer a handmade suit at the fraction of the cost of having one made in NYC is reason enough to be excited about this company. The fact that Bloodline is making these suits right here in Buffalo is even better. Bloodline Handmade is a welcome addition to the #menswear scene in Buffalo and is already turning a lot of heads in town. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these guys.

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I just got these shoes. They have leather soles and I’m wondering if I should get heel taps or anything to protect the soles. Any advice?


Thanks for writing, Cory. Heel taps are a great way to prolong the life of your shoes, especially if you’re planning on wearing them a lot. Naturally, if you spend any amount of money on new shoes you want them to last as long as possible. Most cobblers only charge a few dollars to apply them, which is significantly cheaper than having your entire shoe resoled which could cost upwards of $50 or more. I would also suggest getting rubber taps as opposed to the traditional metal ones which can be quite noisy and potentially ruin wood floors.

Thanks again for writing, Cory. Keep reading and as always, stay Dandy.


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I am looking for a good all around watch.  Something that I can wear every day but will still look good dressed up.  Something under $200. It’s hard to find anything cool that will match anything.  Metal or leather band doesn’t really matter.


Thanks for writing, Adam. The $200 price point is both a blessing and curse in that you can find many great timepieces in that price range but it’s usually just over that limit where the watches get truly spectacular. Luckily, I love a challenge and have found what I think are three extremely versatile watches all priced at $200 or below.

1. Nixon The Sentry ($125) Nixon is a great company to check out for awesome watches at affordable prices. There were actually too many to select just one, but The Sentry is a fine choice because it’s both rugged and refined. Paired easily with either jeans or khakis, this watch shows you care about your wrist game, but just enough not to make a big deal out of things.

2. Seiko SNZF15 ($150) Seiko is another one of those companies that offer many a fine timepiece, but the great ones are usually above the $200 mark. If you don’t mind some color, this preppy staple of a timepiece is going anywhere from $120-$185 depending on where you shop. This is one of those classic watches that looks great as is, but also works fantastically with a nato strap which only further expands the watches possibilities.

3. Citizen Eco-Drive AO9000-06B ($175) Now this is a man’s watch! Citizen is a favorite of mine because they offer exceptional timepieces for a great price. The leather band and blue dials show you mean business and take pride in the details. Pair it with a suit or dark jeans and a blazer… this watch is all business.

Now all these watches are pretty awesome, but if you’re looking for something a little more basic, here are three honorable mentions.

Nixon The Private ($150) | Bulova Marine Star ($160) | Hugo Boss ($195)

Thanks for writing, Andrew. Keep reading and the inquiries coming. As always, stay Dandy.

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I’m curious, as a young woman, can I be dandy? Is it incorrect for me to try to fit into the terms that you’ve explicitly given to males? Because my idea of how I want to re-invent my wardrobe isn’t very feminine… actually, most of what I have in mind is exactly what you blog about.


Thank you so much for writing, AJ. While the role of a Dandy is most often times reserved for males, there is  such thing as a female Dandy whom is often referred to unofficially as a “Quaintrelle”– a woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures. So an answer to you’re question is a resounding YES, there is such a thing as a female Dandy.

For some further Quaintrelle style inspirations, you may want to check out photos from the latest Seersucker Social hosted by Dandies & Quaintrelles in Washington DC, or check out some other fine examples below this post.

Most importantly, however, one must always remember the sartorial adage I often quote on the site which is: “wear what you dig.” Just because a certain style may have a masculine association with it, by no means does it imply that a woman cannot adopt the style herself. Thanks again for writing, keep reading and as always, stay Dandy.


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“I have a my high school prom May 30th & I was looking for an outfit. Any suggestions ? I was thinking about the smoking jacket with Matthew Cookson slippers…”


Hi Devon. Thanks so much for writing.

Ah, Prom… One of the many rights of passage into adulthood we all must face; some greet it with enthusiasm, some with utter dread. First off, let me applaud you on a such a Dandy choice for a prom outfit. There are several articles out now on how to look your best at Prom, and the smoking jacket with Matthew Cookson slippers was certainly not on any lists. However, it definitely falls in the “have fun with it but look fantastic” category in my book.

For me, I’ve always preferred a more classic look for such a formal event like Prom. You can never go wrong with a tailored tux and black bow tie. But I want to explore your outfit idea bit more because I think it would be really cool. If you’re indeed able to get your hands on a smoking jacket, I suggest something in a darker color so not to give off the appearance of wearing a costume. Then I would go with a fitted french-cuff shirt. However, if you’re looking to go with something more nontraditional, try a brightly colored solid or gingham shirt. Of course such an outfit almost demands wearing a silk ascot, but a bow tie here would work just as well and might help dress up the outfit a bit more. For pants, again a darker shade would be best (extra points for actual tuxedo pants) but if you really want to stand out, you could try a brighter color option. It won’t be as formal, but it will certainly turn heads. Just be sure to finish the outfit off with a complementing color accent in either a pocket square, whatever neck-wear you choose, or even your boutonniere. You can even pick up on the color in your slippers’ embroidery depending on which ones you get. One of the fantastic things about the slipper idea are the endless possibilities. Below are a couple of smoking jackets options as well as a few shots from Tom Fords new Spring/Summer line. Looks like you’re right on trend Devon!

As I said, above all (as is the plight every Dandy) you want to avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume. There will be plenty of photos taken that night, so you want to be sure you look your best, but are also comfortable in what you’re wearing. Just remember to have fun, be safe, and as always, stay Dandy.

For extra tips on the big night, check out GQ’s 10-Point Plan to Prom.

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Where can I find a nice, on the cheapish side, pair of chukkas? I really like the vintage look of these boots and how they look nicer with the more wear they get.


Thanks for writing Emmett. Chukkas (or Dessert Boots) are tricky. It seems like you can find them just about everywhere these days, but you have to be careful because you really only get what you pay for. Target has a cheap pair for only $40, but I saw them in the store and also read a review online that said they are really cheaply constructed and fall apart easy, thus negating the whole “nicer with more wear” thing. For my money, Clarks have always been the gold standard. DSW has a nice pair for $70, and everywhere else seems to charge $100 or more for similar pairs. They require some breaking in, but they should last quite a while. Red Wing also makes some really nice ones, but they will cost a bit more, ranging anywhere from $160-$240+. Hope this helps. Thanks for ready, and stay Dandy.

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So I try and stay as Dandy as possible – but with my job as a Sales Manager at the Home Depot there’s more tool belts then dress belts…but when I can dress up I take great pride in it. I’ve been looking for ties that aren’t striped from top to bottom, you know like on TV. I always see these ties that have just like 2 stripes up top or at the bottom, but i can never find them online or in stores…any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your style tips and deals…


Hi Peter, thanks again for writing. I know what you’re talking about and love a Dandy challenge but must admit, this was a tough one to find. After looking around in stores and online, the only place that I found that has what you are looking for I think was this one and this one on I also found this nice vintage one on All three options are very reasonably priced. If any other Dandy’s out there know of where to find what Peter is looking for, please comment below.

I often gauge a trend on how easy it is to find. If this is something that you’ve seen, but isn’t in stores yet, chances are this is a trend on the rise and we could certainly expect to see some more popping up in the future.  Thanks again for writing, Pete. Keep reading and stay Dandy everyone.

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