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After attending a wedding this past weekend, I feel something needs to be addressed. Gentlemen, please stop wearing your “sport shades” with a suit. Few things completely ruin a look faster than seeing a nice suit accompanied by a pair of Oakley’s or whatever athletic-inspired shades people buy these days.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for sport glasses. If you’re out for a run or some kind of “extreme” sport in which you need your glasses to say on your face, naturally these are the perfect choice. However, much like most of us wouldn’t dream of wearing flip flops with a suit (unless you’re at a beach wedding) wearing the right sunglasses for the occasion should be just as important as making sure your belt and shoes are the same color. You’ve invested the time and money into buying a suit and a nice pair of sunglasses are an equal investment. I know many that would argue “I’m just going to loose them, break them or hardly wear them, so why should I invest the money in a nice pair sunglasses?” and the answer is simple. You don’t have to. Once can easily find a pair of Wayfarer knock offs or aviator sunglasses for $10 and they will still look better than your $150 Dog the Bounty Hunter Sunglasses. Its also worth mentioning how important it is that you buy the correct pair of glasses to compliment the shape of your face. More on that topic can be found here.

As I said, a pair of Wayfarer-style or Aviators are always a smart choice when wearing a suit, but there are plenty of other “less sporty” options to choose from. Below are some classic shades to help you in your journey should you be guilty of this offense and wish to avoid the following look from someone:



Alexander McQueen $425 | Ray-Ban Original Aviators $200 | Ray-Ban Clubmasters $150 | Ray-Ban Wayfarers $150Target Metal Aviators $17| Target Square Surf $16


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Part 2 in a series of blog posts by guest editor Mr. Ewy, in which he shares with us some of his favorite things.

When you look at pictures of your grandfather straight pimpin’ when he was younger, or when you watch Don Draper charm the ladies, or when you read old copies of Esquire, the one thing you can always be certain of is that if they were in a sport coat, they had a pocket square.  It is said that you can tell a well dressed gentleman by looking at his left half, because you can see the tie, shirt, sportcoat and pocket adornment all at once. Even without a tie, pocket squares complete your look and separate the novices from the true gentleman.  Men sometimes are afraid of pocket squares, but really, it is easy to wear one and to make one look effortless.

The easiest rule with pocket squares is that they should complement your tie or shirt and not match it exactly.  You don’t want to look like you bought a set at Men’s Warehouse and shame on you if you did.  If you want a crisp Don Draper look, go for a cotton pocket square.  They fold easier and will keep a crisper line.  Called the “presidential fold”, you just fold the square an appropriate number of times to fit into your pocket.  I like to show about 1/8” to 1/4” of square.


For the more daring, go for a silk pocket square.  Forgot all of those overly showy folds:  the flower, the “three tips up” (easy there Gordon Gekko), double fold, etc.  Just do a casual fold, also known as a “puff fold”.  Set your square down, make an “OK” symbol with one hand, pull it through the circle with your other, fold it back on itself and voila, instant dandy.


Accessories are where a man can have fun, and pocket squares are a great way to add some color, pattern or whimsy to your outfit.  I sometimes just buy fabric swatches that I like, fold ‘em and no one knows it isn’t a real pocket square.  Speaking of, look for squares that have hand rolled edges or finishings.  You can tell because the stitches will be pleasantly un-even, unlike if they were sewn using a machine.  You really don’t need to buy a super expensive square, but if you have one, it is fun to show the edge when you wear it so you can speak the secret language of the well-heeled.  Others in the game will spot it immediately.


I was in a panic to buy a white pocket square to wear at a black tie event (the struggle is real, people) and bought the one below out of desperation.  In addition to being polyester, you can see that it is a machine finished edge, and not a good one at that.

Ben Ewy is a gentleman of fortune and bon vivant living and working in Ann Arbor, MI. Follow more of his exploits on Instagram @benewy

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After finally getting dug out from this monstrous snow storm, many of us head back to work and begin the arduous task of trudging through the winter streets of Buffalo. With all the snow, salt, rain, etc. that’s all over the roads, it’s crucial that your kicks are properly protected against the elements. Below are some important steps to winterize your shoes.

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The Kentucky Derby has quickly become one of our favorite events of the year at Buffalo Dandy. For one, it acts as a kick off for Spring and, more importantly, means it’s time for drinking Mint Juleps. So put The Great Gatsby soundtrack on the record player and start planning your outfit. If you need some initial ideas, I’ve put together what I’ll be wearing come Race Day.

JCrew 484 Selvedge Jeans | Alden Longwing Bluchers | Woodford Reserve Mint Julep | Vintage Omega Seamaster | Vineyard Vines Anchor Belt | KJP Mint Bermuda | Brooks Brothers Gingham | BD Ms Golightly Bow Tie | H&M Linen Blazer EK Liberty of London Straw Fedora


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Greetings Mr. Dandy,

I’m a fan or your blog, and I’m hoping you might be able to offer some advice. I’m in a bit of a jam. I have a job interview out of town Monday, and I need to get my only suit (I know, I know) altered/tailored ASAP. Do you have any recommendation s for a WNY tailor that can do quick, quality work? Thanks in advance.
– B

First off, thanks for writing and the kind words B. I’ve found one of the more timely and affordable tailors in WNY to be Chaybans. With several brick and mortar shops located all over Buffalo, you are sure to find one that is relatively close to you. Depending on the alterations, I’ve had pants hemmed within 10 minutes of walking into the store, and a jacket done within a day or two. Their prices are very affordable and the staff is receptive to giving you what you want, not what they think looks good which is a problem I’ve had at other places. Naturally there are several other fine tailoring shops in Buffalo, but if you’re in a bind and just looking for a quick alteration, I think your best bet is Chaybans. I hope this helps. Good luck in that job interview, keep reading and as always, stay Dandy.

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With Summer in full swing, one naturally wants to start rocking the sockless look. If you’re anything like me, going totally naked in the foot department isn’t really an option. Luckily, there are plenty of invisible socks out there to choose from and I believe I’ve found one of the better options in these Calvin Klein no-show liners. They go deep enough toward the toe and along the side that no matter what shoes you wear, there’s no risk of them showing. Also, the rubber strip on the back is both comfortable and keeps the socks up better than any other brand I’ve tried. They are nice and thin on the top so your feet can breathe, but thicker on the bottom to absorb all that dank foot sweat. The best part, if all of that was not enough, is they are flesh colored. So even if the socks are at all visible, it’s not so obvious. Top it all off with the fact that they are only $12 for a three pack and you’ve got a pretty stellar set of invisible socks. Available at DSW.


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Father’s Day is quickly approaching, so why not get the old man a few things I (sorry… he’ll) really want. Above is fine selection of items for the Dandy father in your life.

How to Be A Man by Glen O’Brien – The ultimate sartorial and etiquette guide, from the ultimate life and style guru. $25

Bruichladdich Laddie Classic – Referred as “The Essential Bruichladdich” by it’s distillers, this is a favorite of mine and is a fine addition to any father’s scotch collection. $65

J.Crew 484 Selvedge Jean – I love wearing white jeans in the Summer, but there’s something about this off-white color that I’m really digging. Plus you’ll be much less terrified wearing these around. $155

KJP Doctor Jones Bracelet – KJP keeps adding to my want list with his Quartermaster Collection; comprised of fine leather cord bracelets and always clever names. Fortune and glory, kid. $58

Cole Hann Bowman Loafers – The perfect weekend shoe with the perfect mix of casual luxury. They also happen to be affordable enough you won’t even mind beating the hell out of them. $100

BRAVE Lazzaro Belt – I first saw these in Blue Collar’s store and they’ve become one of my latest obsessions. Available online or you can stop by Blue Collar and pick one up there. $66

Polka Knit Tie – The tie is always a go-to gift for Dad. Show him you’re up on what’s fresh with this Polka Knit Tie from $15

Bulova Watch – I actually received this watch as a gift after our son was born and really fell in love with it. A fine introduction into the luxury watch world. $375

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J.Crew has created a handy how-to visual guide for matching ties with shirt colors. Mostly a plug for their latest Spring collection (no bow ties?) it’s still a Dandy tool to have on hand. If anything, swap their ties with you own and use it as a general guide to what tie colors pair best with your shirts. Or just go out and buy theirs because they look pretty fantastic. If all else fails, take advice from our dear friend Patrick.





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Classic Eggnog Recipe


With Holiday parties now in full swing, fellow Dandy and Man’s Night connoisseur, Mr. Pentheros, shared with me his favorite recipe for the classic beverage of choice: Eggnog.

  • 1 8oz Glass of Eggnog
  • 1 Shot Irish Whiskey
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Dash of cloves.

There are, of course, other options available if you feel like cheating a little bit like this delightful pre-made version by Pennsylvania Dutch. Naturally, extra points are given if you drink it out of a Moose Mug.

What are some of your favorite eggnog recipes?

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Whyte & Mackay and Master Blender Richard Paterson show us how to drink Scotch Whisky in this hilarious instructional video.

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