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It was a brisk day for the 7th Annual Buffalo Tweed Ride, but the sun was out and the moods were jovial as the city’s Dandiest riders came out in fine fashion to celebrate the first day of Spring. As always, the outfits were on point and it was great to talk everything from bikes to watches with so many of the riders. One is truly hard pressed to find a more welcoming and friendly group of people regardless if some view it as an elite “club” which it most certainly is not. The truth is, the BLRC is a group of riders (lazy mind you) who like to have a good time and look good while doing so. Check out some of the photos from the event below, as well some stellar shots from fellow Dandy Julian Montague at the end. Thanks to everyone who came out for the ride and we will see you all at the Seersucker Ride!



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The weather was perfect for this years Johnny Onion Ride hosted as always by the BLRC. This remains my favorite ride every year not only for the fantastic outfits everyone wears, or the site of all the onions tied to everyone’s bikes or the look on bystanders faces as 100 Parisian-looking riders go by listening to french music… It’s the merriment and camaraderie among the riders as we travel along the waterfront with perfect early Fall weather and finish with a glorious picnic in the park full of baguettes, wine and of course French Onion Soup. As you move from blanket to blanket, fellow riders welcome friends and strangers alike to share their delicious snacks, drinks and stories of rides past. It never ceases to amaze me how friendly and welcoming this group is. It’s truly a testament to not only the people of Buffalo, but also everyone in involved in the BLRC for putting on these events. I had a smile on my face the entire ride (as many people did I’m sure) and the soup was ready in record time this year! Thanks again to everyone who showed up and I will hopefully see you all at the next ride!

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This past Sunday, our good friends at KC You There invited us to sample the new Sunday Brunch menu at Templeton Landing. We’ve reported in the past on Templeton Landing’s incredible location which, during the warmer months is highly deserving of their hashtag #BestSpotInBuff. We’ve returned several times for dinner and good old fashioned day drinking, but never actually been there for brunch. Being that it was the wife’s birthday weekend and the weather was perfect, we jumped at the chance to attend.

The temperature was a balmy 83 degrees outside, but being right on the water, we hardly noticed as we sipped our bottomless mimosas. Up next was one of the real treats of our visit: Templeton Landing’s Colossal Blood Mary’s! As the cart rolled up, we chose between regular or spicy flavor and proceeded to add additional ingredients of our choosing. Being a Bloody Mary novice, I deferred to their best judgment and opted for the standard celery stick, a piece of shrimp, some peppers for color, a stick of savory bacon before finally topping it off with a slider. That’s right. There was a full-on hamburger in my drink and it was fantastic! Hands down of the best Bloody Mary’s we’ve ever had.

Understandably, the Bloody Mary was a tough act to follow. We opted for some of the crowd favorites of Belgian Waffles (which for some reason are called “Belgium” waffles on the menu which the wife pointed out) with strawberries, a side of bacon and Eggs Benedict for the Mrs. The food was good, however the bacon was our favorite part and it’s difficult to make something for brunch really spectacular (especially, like I said before with having to follow up the Bloody Mary’s), but the incredible view from Templeton Landing is so great you hardly mind. Lastly, we ordered some desert mainly because it was the wife’s birthday and she loves key lime pie where as I’m indifferent about it. She thought it was delicious and we enjoyed our view a little while longer before heading home for some lounging by the pool and digesting our delicious brunch.

Thanks again to KC You There and to Templeton Landing for having us. If you’re looking for a stellar brunch spot while the weather is nice, we cannot recommend Templeton Landing enough. Come see for yourself why it’s the #BestSpotInBuff.

TLBrunch2 TLBrunch3TLBrunch4 TLBrunch5 TLBrunch6 TLBrunch7 TLBrunch8 TLBrunch9 TLBrunch10

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Hip Hop has always been, throughout it’s existence, deeply intertwined with fashion. Whether it’s baggy pants, fitted hats, street goth, Adidas sneakers and Dookie chains, Hip Hop has been a reflection of (as well as a driving force behind) how people dress. Recently, much to our delight, a more Dandy approach to dress has been seeing an resurgence in the hip hop community, and no one more perfectly encapsulates that than Jidenna with his new song “Classic Man”.

While his look may more gentlemanly, Jidenna’s lyrics remind you that from time to time, one mustn’t be afraid to kick a little ass. The video features some of the most dapper man you will ever see in a rap video including Jidenna himself, who prefers bespoke suits, club collar shirts and a finger wave hairstyle more indicative of the Gatsby era of dress. Beginning as many Dandy’s do, by thrift shopping for suits and having them custom tailored, Jidenna refined his style through out the years thanks to an always impeccably dressed father. Signed to Janelle Monáe’s Wondaland Records, who is always perfectly dressed herself, Jidenna’s new song is sure to be a refreshing hit song for Summer. Check out the video below.

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When I woke up Sunday morning and saw that it was pouring out, I thought for sure there was no way the Seersucker Ride was happening… Still determined to at least head down to the waterfront for a bit and possibly snap a few pics, I stepped outside a little before noon and saw that the temps had risen, everything was more or less dry and the sun was trying to peek out. As Greg Courtney was quoted on the Facebook page for the ride regarding a backup plan if it rains, he merely said: “Things work out for us. You’ll see.” Turns out he was right. I threw the Schwinn into the back of the Jeep and headed downtown as quickly as I could.

Canalside was still deeply enveloped in fog when I arrived, making for some beautiful photos. Check out the Facebook page for more shots from earlier in the morning to see what I mean. But imagine what a sight it must have been for spectators as the fog lifted and a sea of seersucker riders emerged from the mist! As always the ride was loads of fun, full of jovial riders with lots of new and familiar faces. Can’t wait for the next one.

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The Buffalo Lazy Randonneur Club welcomes all to its Sixth Annual Seersucker Ride. It is an exciting time for cycling in Buffalo and the Seersucker Ride is smack dab in the middle as one of the first purely recreational rides of its kind.

The Seersucker Ride begins at Noon Canalside to parade your summer seersucker, madras, linens or other summery fabrics at our popular waterfront. (Remember how lonesome we were down there when we started all this?) We will follow bike paths all the way to the park. Save for a detour at Porter Avenue (Columbus, Busti, Niagara) and picking up the path again at the Scajacuada Path + Niagara St. The destination and motivation is our annual champagne picnic in Delaware Park near the stone arch bridge. And of course a chance to settle the scores with a round of Petanque. It is not to be missed; although close counts!

That evening Romeo and Juliet will play in the Park right across the glen. So pretty much a spectacular day. During the ride we expect the riders to be responsible for their own safety and equipment. Please follow all recommended precautions and laws. Feel free and encouraged to share this invitation.

Lastly it’s important to dress accordingly when attending this ride, so we threw together a quick “what to wear” addition to this post. While many will simply opt for wearing a seersucker suit to the ride, which naturally is the obvious route to go, I’ve always had a hard time wearing a full suit during a ride so I usually opt for a more casual, but none the less “sucky” of an look. While a couple of full seersucker accruements are encouraged like this Herschel cap and J.Crew bow tie, may I suggest going an alternate route with this handsome seersucker shirt by Target. Who says seersucker has to be striped? A few extras added in there like comfortable yet stylish shoes, a boutenier for flair, and most importantly, something to carry your beverages in which is something I almost always forget. Hope to see everyone at the ride!

6th Annual Seersucker Ride
June 21st @ Noon (ride starts at 1 pm)
Canalside, Buffalo



Herschel Supply Co. Cap | J.Crew Bow Tie | Hook & Albert Lapel Flower | Merona Seersucker Shirt | J.W Hulme Co. Backpack | Nixon Sentry Watch | Rag & Bone Standard Shorts | ER Souliers de Skate Shoes

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Valet just did an incredible Inspired Look post on one of our favorite movies: Point Break. We’re sharing this for a couple of reasons… 1. This movie is one of the greatest films ever, proof of which can be seen here. 2. There is a reboot coming out which looks terrible and will be terrible and everything about it is terrible, so the original should be celebrated. 3. This is a fantastic film to draw sartorial inspiration from during the Summer months because it’s cool, comfortable and effortless (much like the acting in the film, nooch). 4. Our son is actually named after the late, great Patrick Swayze’s character, Bodhi who’s eternal wisdom is shared throughout the film and much like our son, will take you to the edge… and past it.

[via Valet]
You may’ve heard that Point Break, the 1991 action movie starring Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey, is the latest cult film getting rebooted for a new generation. And while it doesn’t seem all that promising, we’re glad that it’s got people talking about the original again. Because if you haven’t seen it in a while, the fresh take on the “buddy cop” setup is worth watching. Reeves stars as rookie FBI agent Johnny Utah, who gets mixed up with a badass gang of surfers who moonlight as bank robbers. Plus there’s some decent style in the film too. From salt-washed denim and relaxed T-shirts to canvas sneakers and rugged dive watches, they’re the kind of classic beach staples that look just as good now as they did back then.


Rag & Bone Washed Jeans | Hiro Clark White Tee | Vans Canvas Sneakers


Denim & Supply Tank | Miansai Double Medallion Necklace | CWST Thermal Pullover | Ray Ban New Wayfayer Sunglasses


Saturdays Surf Plaid Shirt | Seiko Diver

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The 8th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic was held at the scenic Liberty State Park in NYC this past weekend and as always it was a feast for the Dandy eyes. The outfits ranged from casual to classic, all of which are included in some our favorite looks from the event below. Our friends from KCYouThere were also in attendance this year, with Karina and Curt looking fabulous as always. Definitely going to have to procure some tickets to this event next year because who doesn’t want to sit in a park with a bunch of beautifully dressed people, drink champagne and watch a polo match? In the meantime, slip some Veuve into that morning glass of OJ and start this Tuesday off with some fashion and champagne. Cheers!

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If you happen to find yourself in Chicago, may I recommend stopping by The Museum of Contemporary Photography to check out their latest exhibit: Dandy Lion: (Re)Articulating Black Masculine Identity.

The exhibit seeks to distinguish the historical and contemporary expressions of the Black Dandy phenomenon in popular culture.  The first comprehensive exhibition of its kind, this project highlights young men in city-landscapes who defy stereotypical and monolithic understandings of Black masculinity by remixing Victorian-era fashion with traditional African sartorial sensibilities. Featuring work from emerging and renown photographers and filmmakers from the US, Europe and Africa including several from Rose Callahan from I Am Dandy fame, the show looks to combat the limited and narrow ideas of masculinity and men’s fashion.

In a time where media images of black men continue to reinforce stereotypes rather than offer a broader view of African-American experiences, curator Shantrelle Lewis hopes to push against these preconceived notions. “There’s something to be said about how images continue to perpetuate aggression and fear of black men in our society, images that are closely related to the commercialized image of the thug and the rapper, what we hear on the radio and what we see in films and on TV,” Lewis said. “It’s a manufactured image. I think of those images as being controlled and I think it’s time we collectively as a society across races and demographics begin to really dismantle them.”

The show runs from April 6th – July 12.

DandyLion1 DandyLion2 DandyLion4 DandyLion5 DandyLion6

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Bodhi, the Shiba Inu behind the beloved blog Menswear Dog, is here to show you how to dress like a man. Organized seasonally, The New Classics highlights the timeless, can’t-go-wrong items every man needs in his wardrobe—from a chambray shirt to a perfectly fitted peacoat (all modeled by Bodhi, of course)—and shows how to mix and match them all year long.

Whatever your style dilemma, Menswear Dog’s got your back! Readers will learn what to wear to a summer wedding, when to splurge (on the perfect white dress shirt) and when to save (snag your military field jacket at a thrift store), the secrets to getting the right fit, the brands that stand the test of time, the basics of clothing care, and more. Sure to make a fine addition to any Dandy’s library.


Menswear-Dog-New-Classics-Book-03 Menswear-Dog-New-Classics-Book-07Menswear-Dog-New-Classics-Book-08

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