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For half a decade, an online community of #SpeedyTuesday fans has been steadily growing around the world. In tribute to these chronograph devotees, OMEGA has introduce a new Limited Edition model that blends some of the Speedmaster’s most popular design features.

The watch takes its first design influence from the original 1978 “Speedmaster Alaska III” model. This watch was produced for NASA, who insisted on a watch that was anti-reflective and easy-to-read in space. For that reason, the “Speedy Tuesday” has stayed true to these qualities with a brushed matt-finish stainless steel case and radial subdials with enlarged numerals.

In creating the dial, OMEGA has again taken inspiration from the past. This time, it’s the return of the “Reverse Panda” first seen in 1966.  White opaline-silvery subdials are set against a black dial, encircled with a bezel ring and tachymeter scale in matt-black aluminium. There is a rare appearance of the vintage OMEGA logo and all markings and radial subdials have been coated with bright luminescent ink.

The movement is driven by the hand-wound calibre 1861, virtually the same which powered the timepieces NASA’s astronauts wore on the moon. Built with a high-grade rhodium-plated finish, it represents an important step in the Speedmaster evolution.

The “Speedy Tuesday” is limited to 2012 pieces, marking the year that the online trend began. Each timepiece is presented in a special leather watch roll containing a black and white NATO strap with #SpeedyTuesday engraved on the strap’s loop. The roll also contains a strap changing tool.





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Timex has once again teamed up with J.Crew to offer a new take on the classic diver watch. Featuring a quartz analog movement with a functioning bezel, this military inspired black-on-black tactical diver watch comes with a great heavy duty brown nato strap (with other color options available). Very affordably priced at $128, this is a great no-fuss watch that will surely get better looking with age.

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One of my favorite watch blogs Worn & Wound recently reviewed a new watch from Swedish brand Nezumi Studios dubbed “The Voiture”. Inspired by the chronographs from the 60’s and 70’s racing era, the First Edition Voiture is powered by a mechanical-quartz movement made by Seiko. Worn & Wound’s in-depth review is exceptional and the photos he took are equally so. Head over to their site for a full rundown of this timepiece which is currently available for preorder in three different color ways. Consider this watch very high on my wish list.



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I want thaaaaat…. Filson has been absolutely killing it with their watches lately and their newest collaboration is no exception. Introducing the Limited Edition Smokey Bear Watch.

Filson has worked with many industries and organizations over the past 119 years, but some of our most special relationships have been with the men and women who work in the woods. This year, we celebrate one of our nation’s most beloved outdoorsmen with a special, limited-edition Smokey Bear Watch. This individually-numbered watch is boxed with a collection of Smokey Bear goods. Each watch comes with a certificate of authenticity, a book that tells the story of Smokey Bear and Filson’s relationship with the outdoors, and six postcards of reimagined, vintage Smokey posters.


  • Four piece, bolt-reinforced roller buckle style closure
  • Stainless steel case back with brass PVD plating and Filson logo is secured by six screws
  • Limited to 1000 pieces
  • Individually numbered
  • Assembled in Detroit at the Shinola Watch Factory
  • 43mm stainless-steel case
  • Argonite 715 quartz movement
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal



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Ho boy, we’ve got a pretty stellar (and heavily leathered) Father’s Day Gift Guide for you this year on Buffalo Dandy! Our list is comprised of some items which every dad could use and enjoy from grilling and BBQ essentials, useful travel items, scotch and of course, vinyl.

The GrillTimer Watch:
The first one on the list quite possibly could be our favorite. After already doing our fair share of grilling this season, we were frustrated to find out that there wasn’t just a regular grill timing app so you could tell how long to cook your meat. Lo and behold, The GrillTimer Watch comes out and solves this problem in one of the most handsome looking (and affordable) ways possible. The thing looks like a Rolex for crying out loud! $50

Highland Park Dark Origins Scotch:
Dark Origins is inspired by the cunning spirit and courageous personality of Highland Park’s infamous founder, Magnus Eunson. This latest addition to the core expressions uses twice as many first fill sherry casks than in the classic Highland Park 12 year old resulting in a naturally darker, richer flavor. This is currently one of our favorite bottles of scotch. $80

Jack Spade Mitchell Leather Tie Canister:
Dad has to travel for work from time to time and this leather Jack Spade tie canister is a stylish way to store his neckties. The snap closure opens to a lined interior with 2 slots to keep tie bars. $178

Ursa Major Black Walnut Razor:
Handcrafted in Vermont from reclaimed black walnut, this Dandy-looking razor will look great nestled in Dad’s shaving station. It looks like these are currently sold out, but keep checking back for when they become available again because these are one of the best looking and affordable high-end razor’s we’ve seen. $36

J.W. Hulme Co. Leather Desk Valet:
Another gift for the Dad who has everything, why not get him something to store his everything in? A travel valet for personal items, this J.W. Hulme piece releases at brass buttons on the corners to fold flat for traveling. $95

Jayson Home Leather Coolers:
OK, full disclosure, the guys and I are talking about going in on one of these, if only for the sole purpose of straight stunting at every outdoor event we go to ever. The lux version of an outdoor event staple, these incredible leather coolers come in 3 available sizes. Covered and stitched by hand, the coolers themselves are just regular Coleman models, so you get all the insulation and cold beverage keeping technology you need. The price is pretty soul crushing, but if you can afford it, I say go for it. $385–$1495

Discommon Goods Watch Wallet:
Born from back-to-back trips across the globe, the Watch Wallet marries your most prized travel possessions – your watches and passport. The waxed Italian leather is full of character, and the tweed inner is a nod to Discommon Goods Scottish roots. However, the hidden geekery is the collaboration with D3O®  impact protection. The entire wallet is lined with 3mm D3O®  foam. This foam is the staple of the top ski, mountain bike and motorcycle impact protection systems – it stiffens and absorbs energy upon impact. $380

Leather Growler Holster for Cycling:
A must have item when attending any BLRC ride, this leather grower holder fits nicely on the rear part of your saddle, with several leather colors to choose from. You spent the money on that fancy Brooks Saddle, might as well make sure your beer looks just as good! $80

Chet Baker and Art Pepper “Playboys”:
Currently enjoying some heavy rotation on our turntable, this classic album (and incredible artwork) makes a fine edition to any father’s record collection. The third album collaboration by Chet and Art, these thoroughly enjoyable and often high-energy sides are perfect for bop connoisseurs as well as mainstream jazz listeners. Hugh Hefner reportedly objected to the album cover (obviously inspired by Playboy magazine with its near-identical wordmark and pinup photo) and threatened to sue. $20

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Part 4 in a series of blog posts by guest editor Mr. Ewy, in which he shares with us some of his favorite things.

I used to work at Nautica – there, I said it. One of my roles was to run the inspiration and product creation process for licensed goods, including tailored clothing, hosiery, eyewear and many more. Perhaps my favorite category, though, was watches / timepieces (more on this distinction later). We were constantly looking for inspiration from militaria and nautical sources. During research, I came across what would turn into one of my favorite American heritage brands, Chelsea Clock.  The company has been around under a variety of names since 1884, making it the oldest continuously existing timepiece manufacturer in the United States.

You can read the wikipedia to get all of the details, but there were a couple great moments in the history of Chelsea Clock that made it the connoisseur’s icon that it is today. The company’s roots started as the E. Howard Clock Company in 1842. Joseph Eastman, an early employee, adopted the non-pendulum movement from a watch to a clock, allowing it to work in any position, unlike most pendulum clocks of the time. This was a major advancement in clocks and set upthe company’s future with the military. E. Howard Clock Company went out of business and was purchased by a group of businessmen and operated under the name Boston Clock Company of Maine. It was then purchased in 1897 by Charles Pearson and given the name Chelsea Clock.


In 1900, the company patented a fully encased clock movement, with chime and striking mechanism, another major advancement, called the Ship’s Bell. In 1903, the company started producing clocks for automobiles, including Studebaker, Rolls Royce and Packard. The United States Navy also started purchasing clocks which began a long history with the military. Good move for Chelsea Clock, it kept the company alive during the Great Depression and off-set declining consumer demand for timepieces post World War II.

Chelsea Clock Co. has made many beautiful clocks. A recently re-released clock with Polo Ralph Lauren is one such example. For me though, Chelsea Clock makes military clocks, specifically for nautical use.


My favorite is the 6” Mechanical Clock they made for the US Navy. We had one at Nautica, which I almost liberated when I left the company. I am not the only person who loves this model. Look at almost every watch from Bell & Ross, Panerai, Luminox and many others, and I bet they cribbed inspiration from the black face with white numbers, san-serif font, and the shape of the hands. Take a look and I bet you will agree. You know who else loves Chelsea Clock? The Japanese. Whenever I am in Tokyo perusing Americana and vintage stores, the clock on the wall invariably is Chelsea Clock.


So, what is the difference between a clock/watch/timepiece? Generally speaking, a timepiece has a fully mechanical mechanism, meaning, you have to wind it, no battery. They can also be self-winding (the movement of your wrist winds the watch), but put a battery or quartz movement in and voila, you have a watch. The vintage Chelsea Clock pieces that are so coveted (just check the auction prices on eBay for confirmation) are the mechanical timepieces. Sure, it is a pain to wind them, but like full grain leather shoes, bespoke suits, or fine spirits, part of the price of admission is taking care of them.

What if you don’t have the time or money for a mechanical clock? Ah, good news. Chelsea Clock has released the Patriot Deck Collection, which keeps the classic styling and look with modern day functionality. The pricing is also more realistic and will allow you to buy a bottle of the good stuff with the leftover scratch.


Full disclosure: Chelsea Clock sent me one. Other full disclosure: I only give honest reviews (ask anyone who has every worked with me). First the good. These clocks look amazing! Their battery movement means you can screw it onto your wall without worrying about having to constantly open it and wind it to keep it operational. The clocks give you that authentic look you want to keep your man cave repping that authentic vibe. The honest. This is not a mechanical clock. For those that care about this, Chelsea Clock has a vintage section on their website of restored clocks for purchase. You will pay more here than on eBay, but they come fully guaranteed to work, unlike some of the sketchy purchases I have made over the years. To further the honesty, in order to keep prices down, some of the materials have been downgraded like using plastic on the clock front instead of glass. But for less than a third the price of the refurbished models, you get the look without the hit to the wallet. In my opinion, Chelsea Clock should also make a fully mechanical reproduction clock, but maybe that is to come.

What about the other American watches and timepieces? I love Shinola. “Built in Detroit” is a great story,. Hamilton Watch? Authentic American history, especially with the military, but they are now part of the Swiss Swatch Group. John Varvatos favorite Ernst Benz is another American watch of merit. I would wear one. But for me, if you want an authentic American timepiece, the discussion begins and ends with Chelsea Clock.

Ben Ewy is a gentleman of fortune and bon vivant living and working in Ann Arbor, MI. Follow more of his exploits on Instagram @benewy

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This weekend the wife and I are headed to Shea’s Performing Arts Center for the highly anticipated Phantom of the Opera show! While the show itself has always been a favorite of ours, just the act of attending a show at Shea’s remains one of our all time favorite things to do in Buffalo.

Originally opened in 1926, the beautifully ornate theater is modeled in a combination of Spanish, French Baroque and Rocco styles to resemble Opera houses from the 17th and 18th century. Also boasting one of the few theater organs in the U.S still in operation and incredible Tiffany chandeliers, Shea’s is the perfect venue for Phantom of the Opera. Naturally, while attending the theater, it is always a sign of good form to show up dressed in your best. That’s why I’ve opted for this classic tuxedo look with a slight Dandy flair. The slim, updated cut of the tux paired with this incredible scarf and hat combo from England-based bespoke tailor Joshua Kane completes an outfit that the Phantom himself would be jealous of.

Theory Tuxedo Jacket | Theory Marlo Tuxedo Pants | Theory Dover Tuxedo Shirt | Theory Foldin Bow Tie | PS by Paul Smith Derby Shoes | Joshua Kane Bespoke ‘Gostick’ Hat | Joshua Kane Bespoke ‘The Jordan’ Scarf | Omega Speedmaster ’57

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A few weeks ago I had the extremely good fortune of leaving the sub zero temps of Buffalo and flying out west to San Diego. While I was excited to visit my uncle, possibly do a little surfing and enjoy the 70 degrees and sunny weather which is pretty much every day out there, I was also wanted to check out some of the Dandy stores the West coast had to offer. While many may not think of California as one of the dandiest of states (what with their laid back attitudes and more people wearing flip flops than brogues) there are still plenty of gems to explore. One of my favorite areas since I was a young dandy surfer dude was La Jolla. One of (if not the) most expensive places to live in the area, it feels more like Saratoga of the Hamptons than a surf town. It’s here that I found one of San Diego’s oldest haberdasheries: The Ascot Shop. Founded in 1950, the Ascot Shop started as a traditional menswear shop. In the 90’s the store made a shift towards offering more fashion forward pieces, but still stayed true to their traditional heritage. The store is definitely what I would call “Californian Dandy”. Full of bright colors, soft silhouettes and of course ascots, the store reflects the casual attitude of California while still appealing to those who care about how they dress.

One of the first things you notice about the the store are the quaint double Dutch doors used for the entranceway. This has become one of their hallmarks of the store for obvious reasons. Only upon entering do you realize just how big the Ascot Shop actually is. With a great mixture of classic and modern looks through out the store as well as their newly remodeled Robert Talbott Shop in the back, you can certainly spend quite a bit of time (and money) in here.

While the Ascot Shop offers several traditional footwear needs like brogues, loafers, etc, they also offer some more unique and modern items like these fantastic pony hair camo slip ons by Robert Graham. Let’s not forget however, that this is a beach town, so naturally there is a fine collection of hawaiian shirts available. I also loved their collection of Tsovet watches which is something I’m surprised a lot of the menswear shops in Buffalo actually don’t offer. Granted places like Urban have some, but certainly none that I would classify as “high end”. Maybe this is something we should look into.

As you can tell by the photos the store was fully decked out for Winter. Now mind you it was 68 degrees outside, but that didn’t stop people from walking around in scarfs, puffy coats and Uggs so I guess, for them, it was cold. If only they knew the harsh tundra that awaited me upon my return. Have you ever tried to dig your car out of the snow while wearing sockless boat shoes and no coat? I don’t recommend it.

I want to thank Justin for showing me around and giving me some insight into the shop. If you ever happen to find your way out west, I highly recommend checking out The Ascot Shop for all your Dandy needs. While you’re there, be sure to swing by The Cove and check out the sea lions hanging out on the beach because OMG.

AscotShop1 AscotShop2 AscotShop3 AscotShop4 AscotShop6AscotShop5 AscotShop7AscotShop8 AscotShop9

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There’s a lot of #breaktheinternet boasts going around lately, but few have actually managed to do so. The latest kickstarter campaign from Nadim Elgarhy and his Helgray Silverstone Chronograph however, has come closer than most. After just 38 minutes of going live, the campaign blew past it’s funding goal of $20,000. 6 days later, a goal of $100,000 with more than 400 backers was reached. *Mic drop.

Influenced by the racing chronographs from the 1960’s, the design is classic, functional and aesthetically beautiful. With a hybrid mechanical/quartz movement which keeps the cost at a minimum, the watch is available in 4 different face colors, a stainless steel bracelet and your choice of brown or black leather strap. At 40mm in diameter the watch is more modest in size than current chronographs, yet this only enhances it’s vintage look and feel.

The current lowest availability for backers is set at $250 ($100 off retail) which is still remarkably affordable for a watch like this. We’ve featured Kickstarter watch campaigns in the past (like Rossling & Co which was another creation by Nadim), but this one quite literally has us reaching for our wallets and throwing it at the monitor. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for the watch lover in your life (i.e. you) the Helgray Silverstone Chronograph might be the perfect choice.

HelgreySilverstone3HelgreySilverstone4 HelgreySilverstone2HelgreySilverstone5

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This time of year usually calls for a swapping of the watch straps here at Buffalo Dandy and for Fall I tend to learn towards a nice rustic leather strap. You will have a difficult time finding a more rugged looking watch strap than this one from Wolf Hill. My God this thing is beautiful… Handmade from 5 oz vegetable tanned leather, the 20mm strap is hand beveled with burnished edges. What I really like about this watch strap is how thick the leather is. For those with a heavier face like my Seiko diver, it’s perfect for keeping the watch secure on your wrist without it sliding around. More affordable and certainly more durable than some of the other leather straps we’ve seen, Wolf Hill is definitely high up on our want list for Fall.


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