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Fighting back every urge to call these “manpris”, one of the most daring trends out there this season for #menswear is the return of cropped pant. Brands across the board have adopted this style made popular, undoubtedly, from alt-leisure sweatpants and fellas looking to show of their kicks and perhaps a little ankle as the temps heat up. Many of the styles I’ve seen are cut like many of the latest high-end sweats, with a wider “athletic” fit in the thigh, dropped crotch and extra narrow leg opening.

The baggier fit I feel is essential to keep these from looking like you are wearing capris, which is why I decided to go a size up from regular when I picked up this 90’s stone washed pair from Abercrombie on the cheap. Good thing I did because from the sounds of things, this brand, which has been a guilty pleasure of mine since high school, might not be around much longer.

Abercrombie Cropped Athletic Jeans$78 $39
Zara Cropped Linen Trousers: $50
H&M Cropped Pants


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Man, this heatwave has me itching to start some shopping for Spring… Luckily, I recently had the good fortune to spend the afternoon up at Saks OFF 5th in the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls to check out some of their latest offerings for Spring and select some of my favorite pieces for one of their upcoming publications. With this current spike in temperatures, now seems like the perfect time to check out some of the season’s hottest trends.

Saks OFF 5th Exclusives


One of the best things about many of the stores at the Fashion Outlets is access to exclusive brands you won’t find anywhere else in the area. This Basquiat collection from Eleven Paris is exclusive to Saks OFF 5th and is favorite of mine this season. Naturally I had to pair this jacket with a pair of paint-splattered pants.


Shore Leave


Military-inspired trends continue to be huge for Spring, with camo patterns and embroidered Bomber “Tour Jackets” being wardrobe essentials. Paired with a floral button down and causal sneakers, this look is perfect for wearing during the day or night.


Spring Break


What would Springtime be without Spring Break? Looking your best while you travel is always a must with Buffalo Dandy, and Saks OFF 5th has everything you’ll need to look your best while on Spring Break. Grab one of their handsome Cole Hann weekender bags and pair it with a brightly colored floral Bogosse button down, a Hugo Boss blazer, some white spill-proof denim and don’t forget the Alligator Loafers. Now you’ve got everything you’ll need for one unforgettable Spring Break.


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Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label made their return to New York Fashion Week this year to showcase their latest collection for Fall/Winter 17. With it’s long awaited return, the elevated label once again redefines classic menswear shapes and patterns, with a  focus (as always) deeply rooted in craftsmanship and artisan details. If you are wondering what to wear these last few months of Winter, this is a solid place to start for inspiration.

While the days are the Dandy for many are fading away, the desire to look ones best should always be at the forefront of a true gentleman’s mind. This collection provides a perfect glimpse into how to the look of the Dapper Man (Dandy) is evolving to accommodate a more comfortable lifestyle; both leisurely and sartorially.

With the ever-present Navajo prints, fair isles, country tweeds, turtlenecks, wide lapels, pleats (gasp) suedes and just the right touch of western flair, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite looks from the collection below so you’ll have plenty of time to save up for these once they hit the stores this Fall.


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It’s been a rough couple of days…

In an attempt to try and offset the sense of impending doom facing our country, I took the day off yesterday for some retail therapy and walked around the mall for about 6 hours. One of my final stops was Old Navy and I found yet another stellar jacket at a truly remarkable price. This heavyweight tweed topcoat is currently on sale in the store for only $45 ($63 online).

Every year it seems we are told that the camel topcoat is a must have for Fall/Winter and we heartily agree. Well, guess what? Old Navy has this style in a camel color way as well. But for those in the market for a Dandier looking option, I highly recommend the tweed version. I decided to buy a size down and got a small so I could wear the coat as is, instead of over a blazer. Since the turtleneck and blazer look has been everywhere this Fall (psssh, way to catch up), pairing my trusty L.L.Bean turtleneck with this look was a no brainer. Even Dandy Jr. seemed to appreciate it because before I left this morning he said: “Oh Daddy, you look really handsome today.” So at least I have that going for me.

Tweed Overcoat: Old Navy | Beanie: J.Crew | Turtleneck: L.L.Bean | Denim: J.Crew | Boots: Sperry

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Looks like Visvim went full Dandy and decided to collaborate with Harris Tweed to create a handful of beautiful looking tweed jackets. Handwoven by the inhabitants of the Outer Hebrides off the coast of Scotland, Harris Tweed is sought after due to its resistant, thermal properties and rich history. Hand-woven tweed made its way to the upper echelons of British society in the 19th century, only to be endangered by surging market demands that precipitated mill-spun tweed production. In a bid to protect Harris Tweed authenticity, the Harris Tweed Association was established in 1993, enabling native Scottish crofters and cottars to continue a tradition rooted in the spinning and dying of pure virgin wool.

The move to preserve Harris Tweed as a hand-woven material from the Outer Hebrides runs parallel with the level of hereditary practices of craftsmanship passed down by generations of Japanese tailors. The appeal of Harris Tweed to a brand such as Visvim is thus self-evident. Hiroki Nakamura’s label presents four pieces made from genuine Harris Tweed: the Dotera Coat, Hopiland Blazer, Nome P.O. Dress and Sanjuro Jacket. Watch the documentary below from for a brief vignette of the age-old manufacturing process.

I might have to get my hands on some tweed in the coming weeks and try making one of these for Winter.


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Fall is finally here in Buffalo and while we’re chomping at the bit to start wearing tweed and chunky sweaters, the weather is not quite there yet, which is when having a lightweight jacket this time of year is clutch. If you remember our previous post last Spring about the Return of the Mackintosh Jacket, you’ve hopefully picked one up and should already be good to go. In the off chance that you haven’t, be thou not afraid, for I recently picked one up at Old Navy of all places. I feel like Old Navy gets a bad rap, even though we’ve mentioned them several times on this blog. They do a decent  job of creating good wardrobe essentials that are just the right amount of trendy at very affordable prices. The jacket was only $70, is cut nicely (I’m wearing a small) and has just the right amount of detailing in it to let you know some actual thought went into making it. It sold out rather quickly online last week when they were having a 40% off sale, but it looks like it’s back up here. You can also stop into the store at the Galleria and pick one up yourself.


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Spring is a tricky time fashion-wise because while many of us welcome the warm weather, some of us are hesitant to relinquish our favorite winter wardrobe staples. This is when proper layering becomes essential and introducing a few new transition pieces will really pull your outfit together. We’ve combined some of our favorite trends from this past season (longline jackets and sweaters) as well as some emerging ones (all black everything) to create a look perfect for the gloomy weather usually associated with the Springtime in Buffalo. Favorites include this new take on the bomber jacket trend that was everywhere this Winter with an updated longline silhouette from ASOS, a new color option from my favorite H&M hoodie, J.Crew Oxfords which have replaced pretty much every other shirt in my closet, these incredible looking double monk sneakers from TAFT and the new murdered out Filson Dutch Harbor Watch which is straight killing it in the watch world.

ASOS Longline Bomber Jacket $93 $50 | H&M Sweatshirt Cardigan $40 | J.Crew Garment Dyed Oxford $75 | Yellow 108 Fedora $98 | Studebaker Metals Braddock Cuff $50 | TAFT The Gable Doublemonk Sneaker $130 | Filson Dutch Harbor Watch $800 | J.Crew 484 Gorham Wash Denim $125


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Wondering were start shopping now that Spring has sprung a little early in Buffalo? The answer, which may surprise many of our readers, can be found at Abercrombie & Fitch. Operating under the creative direction of Club Manaco’s Aaron Levine, A&F is looking to shed it’s high school image to appeal to an older demographic, while at the same time paying tribute to the company’s heritage of being an outdoor sporting goods store in 1892.

The clothes are clean and simple, with Abercrombie’s famous distress techniques which I have always been a fan of. Love them or hate them (most are the latter) I have always said that their clothes are incredibly well made. I have how heavy and broken in everything is and the clothes look and feel as if you’ve owned them for years. Hopefully all that’s left is to get rid of the repugnant cologne which is pumped through the vents and shoppers may actually be willing to give this brand another chance. Check out some of our favorite looks from the Spring 16 line below.

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The whole southwestern look has been pretty prominent this season and we’ve been digging it pretty hard. Something about this casual, comfortable style of dress just seems to click, especially when it’s tailored the right way. We’ve compiled some of our current obsessions this season, several of which will certainly take quite a bit of sprezzatura to pull off. Do we really have the huevos to pull off a cape? I guess we’ll find out.

Topman Cape $45 | Huevos Tee $34 | J.Crew 484 Denim $125 | Vintage Omega Speedmaster $3650 | United Arrows x Readymade Distressed Fedora $725 | Visvim LHAMO-Folk $650

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Urban Beadsman has made a name for themselves by providing some of the finest grooming products on the market and recently they’ve teamed up with Trunklist to create the first ever shirt with the bearded man in mind. Simply called “Shirt #1”, the slim fitting button down is made of a premium Japanese sourced fabrics and comes in three options: a midweight indigo chambray, a midweight cotton/linen blend in light gray, and a lightweight cotton/linen blend in a burgundy and cream check. Each shirt features a cross stitched x on the contrasting pocket, reminiscent of the Urban Beardsman logo and a low profile collar so not to get in the way of your manly facial hair. The shirt looks a little long in some of the photos, which make it perfect of wearing tucked in, but personally I prefer my shirts to be a little shorter if I’m going to wear them untucked. Still, these shirts look fantastic and since I’m hoping to grow my annual winter beard again this year, this could be the perfect shirt to wear with it.



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