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The temperatures are finally dipping back into Fall like numbers here in Buffalo, and while white girls everywhere are salivating for Pumpkin Spice lattes, UGG Boots and leggings, us men are looking for some simple Fall transition pieces to add to our wardrobe to keep things comfortable while still looking good.

Patagonia Better Sweater Fleecen Jacket – Patagonia has been making a huge comeback in the menswear scene both for their retro looks and social/economic responsibility. While cardigans and blazers are great for Fall, sometimes a lightweight fleece is all you need to handle the outdoors. $139

Ketchup N’ Mustard Steak & Whiskey Tee – Graphic Tees have also been making a big comeback this past season, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find one as manly as this Steak & Whiskey Tee from LA-based Ketchup N’ Mustard. Apparently their online store will be up and running soon, and this will be the first of many purchases from this brand.

J.Crew 484 Denim – J.Crew has finally listened to what their customers want with a truly slim fitting (but not too slim), tapered jean. Using Japan-sourced denim, the jeans are hand-distressed to look like they’ve been worn for years so you can finally give up on trying to break in your selvedge denim. $125

Brixton Messer Fedora – With all the fedora talk we’ve been featuring on the blog lately, I had include this handsome and very affordable fedora from Brixton. The moss colorway is prefect for Fall. $52

Red Wing Penny Loafers – While Red Wings are synonymous with work boots, they also make a handsome penny loafer which utilizes their famous vibram sole for superior comfort. $348

L’Occitane Vetyver Eau de Toilette – Lastly, Fall is the perfect time to add a new scent to your repertoire and our current favorite comes from an unexpected (but none the less awesome) source: L’Occitane En Provence. Their Vetyver scent contains deep, woody aromas of vetyver, cedar wood and nutmeg. $58


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After attending a wedding this past weekend, I feel something needs to be addressed. Gentlemen, please stop wearing your “sport shades” with a suit. Few things completely ruin a look faster than seeing a nice suit accompanied by a pair of Oakley’s or whatever athletic-inspired shades people buy these days.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for sport glasses. If you’re out for a run or some kind of “extreme” sport in which you need your glasses to say on your face, naturally these are the perfect choice. However, much like most of us wouldn’t dream of wearing flip flops with a suit (unless you’re at a beach wedding) wearing the right sunglasses for the occasion should be just as important as making sure your belt and shoes are the same color. You’ve invested the time and money into buying a suit and a nice pair of sunglasses are an equal investment. I know many that would argue “I’m just going to loose them, break them or hardly wear them, so why should I invest the money in a nice pair sunglasses?” and the answer is simple. You don’t have to. Once can easily find a pair of Wayfarer knock offs or aviator sunglasses for $10 and they will still look better than your $150 Dog the Bounty Hunter Sunglasses. Its also worth mentioning how important it is that you buy the correct pair of glasses to compliment the shape of your face. More on that topic can be found here.

As I said, a pair of Wayfarer-style or Aviators are always a smart choice when wearing a suit, but there are plenty of other “less sporty” options to choose from. Below are some classic shades to help you in your journey should you be guilty of this offense and wish to avoid the following look from someone:



Alexander McQueen $425 | Ray-Ban Original Aviators $200 | Ray-Ban Clubmasters $150 | Ray-Ban Wayfarers $150Target Metal Aviators $17| Target Square Surf $16

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I was sad to learn about the departure of Glen O’Brien from GQ Magazine as their resident “Style Guy”. His years of knowledge and experience in not only the fashion industry but also in the art of being a gentleman was always one of my favorite sections to read in GQ. No one seems to know why he left, but based off of his cryptic tweets a while back it appears there were some ill feelings and departure was less than amicable. But much like the passing of the torch with Jon Stewart from the Daily Show to his predecessor Trevor Noah, all things must change. Today GQ introduced their new Style Guy: Mark Anthony Green (or MAG as he’s known by the industry).

Spending the last few years under the tutelage of Sid Mashburn and absorbing all the style knowledge he could from Jim Moore and the GQ fashion team, Mark’s take on the Style Guide column is a much younger approach to sartorial conundrums. For those who saw Glen O’Briens views as too old school or catering to a different generation this could be a welcome change of pace. Personally, I will miss Glen’s articles but foresee a bright future for Mark as he tackles much more street-relevant trends while staying true to classic #menswear themes like finding the right glasses for your head shape, whether it’s right to button the bottom button of your suit and getting rid of unneccesary clothes in your closet. While his first post seems a bit elementary as far as style-advise goes, for an inaugural post like this perhaps its best to play it safe. What I do like, and I think a lot of other readers will identify with, is that Mark admits that he himself have gone through several style phases and “isn’t here to enforce the style rules of our grandfathers, nor to hype every fad. Like you, I’m just here to figure out how a man can look good now.” 

Check out the new GQ Style Guy article here.

UPDATE: Check out exclusive interview with Glen O’Brian for more insight into his departure.

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This warmer weather has us pumped for Summer here at Buffalo Dandy, so naturally we’re busting out the beach gear for when it’s time to head down to the waterfront (particularly at Canalside) and soak up some rays. While we may be looking more Dadbod than we’d care to admit these days, it doesn’t mean one can’t still hit the beach in style with some of the most baller gear out there. The nautical theme is in full effect this season with everything from clothing the home goods, and we’re completely ok with that. Not to mention the fact that some higher end brands are embracing the fun and creating some incredible premium outdoor products which look almost too good to play with (case in point this insane Jack Spade Ping Pong set). Still, if you’re going to be ballin’ at the beach, might as well go all out.

Jack Spade Ping Pong Set | Oliver Peoples West Sunglasses | Mansai Rope Bracelet | Apolis Market Bag | Obey Swim Trunks | Jack Spade Bill Holder | Kenzo SLIPPER Espadrilles

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Yes, it is necessary to listen to the song while reading this post…

Well, the calendar assures us that it’s Spring in Buffalo, despite the 20 degree weather outside. That means it’s time to start thinking about a solid raincoat for the season for when the snow eventually turns to rain. The Mackintosh Jacket as it’s also know by, has been a gentleman’s wardrobe staple for decades and thanks to updates fabrics, bold colors and slimmer silhouettes, now is the perfect time to pick one up. Below are my top 5 favorite Mac Jackets for this season.

ASOS $107.50
Native Youth Mac Jacket $150
Banana Republic Double Breasted Trench Coat $250
Hugo Boss “Mion” Jacket $595
Mackintosh Laggan Rain Coat $870

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Speaking of goods that are built to last, Burton Snowboards just unveiled their Spring/Summer 15 line aptly entitled “Durable Goods“. Fully embracing their outdoor roots, the Vermont-based lifestyle brand clearly shows that it’s not just all about snowboards: it’s an attitude, a mindset and a culture. From their always on point graphics, to their awesome looking pants which ingeniously include a side pocket for your “pen” (pocket knife), their rugged looking waxed cotton canvas bags, one of the best looking iPad cases EVER, and finally coming as a huge surprise: camping gear. This is an interesting move by Burton but it completely makes sense giving their demographic’s penchant for the great outdoors. Below are some of my favorite items from the collection, which totally have me stoked for Spring. If the snow ever melts that is…



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Ralph Lauren FW15


After previewing Michael Bastian’s Fall 15 Collection and now seeing Ralph Lauren’s Fall/Winter 15 line, I think it’s pretty safe to say thick turtleneck sweaters are going to be a huge trend next Fall. While Michael paired it with a more apres ski look, Ralph takes it a step further by giving the turtleneck a more sophisticated look–pairing it with suits, leather jackets and… cowboys pants? Ok, scratch that last one. Yeesh! I can say, however, that the corduroy suit and brown sweater looks fantastic and is one of those looks you have to at least try to pull off. Buffalo Dandy been an advocator of turtlenecks in the past and we still are. Especially when in the grips of this never ending Winter we happen to be experiencing. Check out the full collection over at


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Michael Bastian is back to prove true preppy style never dies, it just evolves. A perfect mixture of Ivy League style mixed with some Apres Ski influences, there is so much to love about the new Fall/Winter 15 line. The pairing of the pop color GTH corduroys with tweed is fantastic, as well as the patterned sweaters and outerwear showcasing Bastian’s flawless layering techniques. The turtleneck/camo pant/blazer might be my favorite look and currently has me frantically searching for a slim fit turtleneck so I can start channeling my inner Sterling Archer. The glen plaid waistcoat paired with the stone washed jean look is also great and is a perfect take on the whole “high/low” trend that’s happening. As always Bastian has served up a smorgasbord of outfit inspirations with his collection which can easily help give your wardrobe a little style upgrade during these dreary Winter months. Check out our favorite selections from the new line entitled “Upstate/Downstate” below.



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While Kingsman: The Secret Service may look like a British version of Wanted (which are both based on comics by Mark Millar), the Saville Row-inspired collection made in collaboration with Mr. Porter proves that “manners (and clothes) maketh man“. Full of double breasted suits, black watch fabric and a myriad of gentlemanly accouterments all crafted by British heritage manufacturers, the collection draws directly from the costumes worn by the various actors in the film. With quite a few more offers than the Brooks Brothers Great Gatsby Collection, everything from keychains, eyeglasses, watches, cufflinks and pocket squares are available with subtle Kingsman branding. While I doubt the umbrella does all the fancy tricks it does in the trailer, I do know that I need…NEED that velvet blazer and black watch pants combo!

While Mr. Porter is well known for their exceptional taste in clothing, their pricing has never been, shall we say, modest. These higher-end price points won’t sway regular shoppers of the site, however fans of the film and newcomers to Mr. Porter will likely experience some sticker shock. All that being said, this collection certainly has me excited to see the film, if only to see these incredible ensembles put together on the big screen. This movie is basically the Dandy’s “Sex In The City” and I’m fine with that. Check out highlights from the collection below as well as the latest trailer for Kingsman below which is in theaters February 13th.


Kingsmen1 Kingsmen2 Kingsmen3

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Wait… what?

I’m not even sure what to write about this ridiculous kickstarter… Le Grande Hat combines the elegance of a top hat (the classic staple of the original Dandy’s wardrobe) and the epitome of street headwear: the snapback. Is this a good idea? Is this even necessary? I have more questions than answers at this point. All I know is once Pharrell gets his hands on one of these, they will sell out immediately and we’ll be seeing them on the Instagram accounts of rich kids everywhere.


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