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It’s time…


Well my fellow Dandies, I think it’s time to make it official…  As you could tell from the huge lack of posts, the blog has taken a bit of a back seat because of work and having two kids.

As one of Buffalo’s original bloggers, I have taken great pride in the opportunities and friendships forged through this site and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. I hope this site has helped some of you along your style discovery, as I myself have grown along with it. Alas, the bow ties and wingtips have been traded in for kimonos and wide brim fedora’s, but a true Dandy evolves his style to make it his own and stay true to himself, as I hope you all have.

Keep following my Instagram account for outfit posts, adventures with our kids and the occasional “ooh I want that” post if you are so inclined. I’ll keep the site up for a while in case anyone is feeling nostalgic and for the steady stream of google searches the site still gets daily, but for now, it’s time to say goodbye. It’s been an amazing ride.

See you space cowboy…



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During my search for a new pair of sneakers I recently came across a company called Clear Weather Brand. Founded in 2014 by brothers Brandon and Josh Brubaker (who have a combined 30+ years of shoe design experience) Clear Weather seeks to recreate footwear classics for the future by redesigning vintage styles that look modern and distinct. The idea is to appreciate the comfort of wearing a familiar sneaker while still feeling the thrill of rocking an original and fresh design.

History influences the look and feel of everything Clear Weather does, including their logo; a curved line inside an equal sign which is a Native American pictograph that means “clear weather”.

With an impressive library of styles to choose from in a variety of colors and fabrics, hands down one of my favorites is their Santora Collection. Check out my top 5 styles below and be sure to visit their website if you are in the market for a new pair of kicks for Spring.



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Only in Buffalo could the first Zubaz retail store not only open, but in all likelihood, fully thrive. The (somewhat begrudgingly) official uniform of Bills Fans everywhere, Zubaz have enjoyed a nostalgic comeback lately with brands like Labbatt Blue offering limited edition can designs in NFL team colors. Buffalo fans, however, will argue that the trend never actually went away.

The store boasts an impressive selection of not only the tradition zebra stripe design pants, but also new patterns like camo and reptile prints printed on everything from pants, leggings, hoodies, shirts, hats, beanies, sunglasses and most impressive of all: overalls. I was also surprised to find out that Zubaz developed a stone washed (of course) denim line with just the right amount to stretch for comfort.

The store opened it’s doors for the first time on November 15th and is currently offering shoppers an extra 20% everything in the store. If you’re getting a jump on your Holiday shopping, or are planning on attending the Fashionably Late Event at the Fashion Outlets, this store is a must-stop-shop for sports fans.

The Zubaz Store is located at Entrance 1 at the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls near Cole Hann.



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Every now and again an album comes along at just the right time in history. After an 18 year hiatus, A Tribe Called Quest “We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service” is that album. Dropping the Friday after the election, the album strikes an eerily prophetic tone and is a powerful protest from start to finish. Frankly, this album is what a lot of the world needs right now. It is nostalgic for the golden era of 90’s hip hop, yet is very much present in 2016 addressing things like racism, sexism, the media, police violence and the need to resist. All these things have existed for quite some time now, but with the current state of  the country (even before the unfortunate election of Donald Trump) the album’s overall message rings truer than ever. Stream it on Spotify, or just do yourself a favor and pick it up on vinyl because this album will undoubtedly go down as an instant classic.

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It was a brisk day for the 7th Annual Buffalo Tweed Ride, but the sun was out and the moods were jovial as the city’s Dandiest riders came out in fine fashion to celebrate the first day of Spring. As always, the outfits were on point and it was great to talk everything from bikes to watches with so many of the riders. One is truly hard pressed to find a more welcoming and friendly group of people regardless if some view it as an elite “club” which it most certainly is not. The truth is, the BLRC is a group of riders (lazy mind you) who like to have a good time and look good while doing so. Check out some of the photos from the event below, as well some stellar shots from fellow Dandy Julian Montague at the end. Thanks to everyone who came out for the ride and we will see you all at the Seersucker Ride!


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Been outside lately? Spring is in the air. Put some of that fresh air in your tires and lube your drivetrains. You know what I’m saying: It’s the Buffalo Lazy Randonneur Club Tweed Ride.

Sunday, March 20th, Canalside at at Noon, we gather for the 7th Annual running of the Tweed Ride. From whence we shall saunter off to Hoyt Lake to award our finest with the most appropriate prize in cycling. Stinky cheeses for our Wittiest, Prettiest and the One we Love Most. Afterwards we’ll ponder it all regaling at Macky’s Essex St. Pub with toasts and repast.

We are all individually responsible for our own equipment and safety so please follow all laws and precautions.

So nice to announce this ride on such a lovely day! Let’s keep our fingers crossed; That Groundhog may have been correct. Oh yeah, feel free to invite your friends. Share this open invitation, the more the merrier!

This is an even not to be missed in Buffalo. We hope to see you all there looking every bit as dapper as Sir Anthony McCoy and his horse Morestead who recently was featured wearing the world’s first Harris Tweed suit made for a horse. Read all about that interesting side story here.

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Apologies for the lack of posts lately on Buffalo Dandy. Like many of you, I was insanely busy during the holiday season and decided to take a little time off from blogging. Also, I haven’t seen too much to get excited about lately and didn’t really have a ton to write about. That is until these new Converse Jack Purcell Quickstrikes dropped and I was all like “just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…”. Our love for Jack Purcell’s is well documented (seen here, here, here, here, here aaaand here) and while our adoration for the classic low-top is unwavering, there is something to be said about this bold yet simple update.

Boasting 18 updated features, mostly likely similar to what Converse introduced with their Chuck Taylor All Star II release, I’m really digging the use of brass grommets, Nike Zoom Air Tech and everything else about this shoe which basically looks like the classic Purcell only higher. My only gripe is the Jack Purcell logo on the tongue remains hidden with tonal embroidery (le sigh) but it at least it’s on there.

We suggest picking yourself up a pair now and stashing them away until Spring because it looks like they’re selling out pretty fast. You can find them for purchase online at


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Lounge Upgrades


While many of us (the Dandy clan included) spend our Summer’s crammed with so many activities it’s often hard to find any actual “free time”, but it’s important to remember that Summer is also a time for relaxation. Whether it’s outside on your back patio, or inside in your lounge/living room, one could always use so a few upgrades to make that your “me time” a little more enjoyable. Above are some of our favorite items currently on our wish list to truly pimp out our lounge area.

Frank Lloyd Wright – After The Rolling Stone’s visit to the Darwin Martin House, one should always showcase some of the pride Buffalo has for one of the world’s most famous architects. Based on unlimited access to the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives in Taliesin, Arizona, the book spans Wright’s projects, both realized and unrealized, including his early Prairie Houses, the Usonian concept home, the Tokyo years, his progressive “living architecture” buildings, and later schemes like the Guggenheim Museum.

Monopoly Plus 4 Wooden Board Game – A good game of Monopoly is a great way to past the time, especially with some games lasting hours. This extremely handsome version of the classic Monopoly game comes with a wooden game cabinet and metal pieces. The board reverses to a chess / checkers board and includes wooden game pieces. This will look good in a room whether it’s being played or not.

Miansai Leather Journal – While you’re relaxing, I’m told it’s therapeutic to jot down your thoughts, dreams, or just doodle while your mind wanders. This incredible journal from Miansai combines both my love of leather journals and their coveted bracelets. Available in both cognac and black.

Tom Dixon “Water” Candle – I’m not sure about you guys, but we’ve gone full nautical in the Dandy household after our trip to Kennebunkport. We’ve been struggling to find the prefect scent to compliment on our current aesthetic, but this water-scented Tom Dixon candle might be it. By combining watermelon and amber musk the piece emits a fresh maritime scent.

Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones – A quality pair of headphones is essential for any audiophile and these Master & Dynamic headphones blow most other models away. Designed to foster the relationship between sound and creativity with brushed steel frame and wrinkled leather on the headband, these headphone have a great old school look but with the best modern sound technology.

Vitra George Nelson Night Clock – So you’re a couple of glasses of scotch in at this point, listening to a choice selection of vinyl albums on your headphones, when suddenly you glance at your gorgeous replica of the Night Clock created by George Nelson and realize “oh God, what time is it?!” and hurry off to bed because you told the wife you would come to bed after one more song and that was like two hours ago…

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For our final recap of our trip to Kennebunkport, I had to highlight the wonderful and beautiful B&B where we stayed: 1802 House Bed & Breakfast Inn. Another result of searching the inter webs for where to say in Kennebunkport, 1802 House quickly won us over with it’s charm, incredible looking rooms and affordability.

The perfect getaway for a romantic weekend, the historic Colonial inn is tucked away just a short walk from the village. The house is warm and inviting, exceptionally clean and has the rustic old world feel which we love. Teri, in the inn keeper, not only greeted us like a friend, but her vast knowledge of the area allowed us to find some of the most perfect places to eat during our stay and wonderful places to explore.

Our suite, the Arundel Room,  featured a massive had-hewn mantle and fireplace, luxurious bed and two person spa tub which the Mrs. and I enjoyed at great length. Each morning, the smell of breakfast filled the house as Teri and her staff prepared a three-course culinary feast with muffins, delicious soufflés, organic juice and fresh fruit. Their recipes are so popular, you can even get them online here. Oh, and did I mention that fresh baked cookies are laid out throughout the day? Because fresh made cookies are laid out throughout the day.

The sitting room is perfect for getting lost in a good book and their various patio spaces are great for enjoying the sights and sounds of Maine’s natural wildlife. For those not looking to just relax in a tub, sightsee and day drink, the inn is also located directly next to a pristine golf course and offers package deals for visitors.

Needless to say we had an incredible time at the 1802 House and will definitely be returning soon. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Kennebunkport, we highly recommend checking out 1802 House Bed & Breakfast Inn.

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Buffalo Whiskey Guild

IMG_0582Allen Burger Venture (ABV) is Mike Shatzle’s (Blue Monk, Coles, Moor Pat) latest endeavor. Located in the heart of the Allentown district of Buffalo, ABV is a first-rate example of modern-style restaurant and bar. It’s harmonious, yet anomalous among the trendy Allentown scene. The atmosphere and feel is nothing short of pure fun. The decor is unique enough to be engaging, without being too distracting or obnoxious. And the music is up beat and vibrant.

The staff lead by GM Johnny Chow are equally as enthusiastic and fun as the place itself. The menu is full of one-of-a-kind burger specialties that literally make it near impossible to choose. The beer-centric bar is loaded with a long list of local and non-local options of varying styles.IMG_0704






IMG_0633In addition to the perfect atmosphere, awesome burgers and excellent choice of beer at ABV, they have an exceptional, steadily growing library of whiskies to…

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