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We first featured Buffalo’s own Oxford Pennant back in 2014. Since then the company has grown leaps and bounds and recently moved their HQ to a small space on West Tupper St. I had noticed their sign and display window on my way to the 33 one afternoon and almost crashed my car when I thought they had opened a retail space. I contacted David Horesh, one of the owners of Oxford Pennant who was kind enough to meet me at their office to chat about his company and show me around their new space.

David told me that when he and his business partner started Oxford Pennant almost three years ago, the idea was to make some cool pennants to support their hometown and hopefully make a few bucks at the same time, thinking the “Americana” trend would kind of die out after a while. They never expected their business would explode like it has and the response to their product to be so overwhelmingly positive.

To understand what all the fuss is about, all you have to do is see one of these pennants in person. Right away you notice the weight and quality of the felt; far superior to the cardboard-like pennants currently on the market, which David loathes. Next, the simple typography and graphics used creates a perfect nostalgic feel, even when the subject matter includes popular rap lyrics. Even more fascinating regarding the meteoric rise of Oxford Pennant is the fact that they do no advertising. Instead, they rely on their customers to spread the word for them via Instagram, showcasing beautiful photographs of their product featured around the country.

While photos are a great way to get your company out there, Oxford Pennant is also highly aware of the importance of branding, so special care is taken to capitalize on unique ways to make customers aware of the Oxford Pennant brand; whether it be on the custom taping used on their packaging, the variety of stickers included with each purchase or the ingenious “mini pennants” made from left over scraps which are included in custom orders.

If you are looking for something a little bit bigger than your standard pennant, Oxford Pennant has recently expanded their catalog by offering 24″x 36″ wool felt championship banners, which are available in three designs and use hand-stiched lettering for a truly old school look and feel.

With new designs coming out all the time, a retail space (hopefully) opening up in their location soon and no shortage of lovers of beautifully crafted, hand-made in America pennants, this Buffalo-based company has a bright future ahead of it. Be sure to check out Oxford Pennant’s full catalog via their online store and order yours today.




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Spring is a tricky time fashion-wise because while many of us welcome the warm weather, some of us are hesitant to relinquish our favorite winter wardrobe staples. This is when proper layering becomes essential and introducing a few new transition pieces will really pull your outfit together. We’ve combined some of our favorite trends from this past season (longline jackets and sweaters) as well as some emerging ones (all black everything) to create a look perfect for the gloomy weather usually associated with the Springtime in Buffalo. Favorites include this new take on the bomber jacket trend that was everywhere this Winter with an updated longline silhouette from ASOS, a new color option from my favorite H&M hoodie, J.Crew Oxfords which have replaced pretty much every other shirt in my closet, these incredible looking double monk sneakers from TAFT and the new murdered out Filson Dutch Harbor Watch which is straight killing it in the watch world.

ASOS Longline Bomber Jacket $93 $50 | H&M Sweatshirt Cardigan $40 | J.Crew Garment Dyed Oxford $75 | Yellow 108 Fedora $98 | Studebaker Metals Braddock Cuff $50 | TAFT The Gable Doublemonk Sneaker $130 | Filson Dutch Harbor Watch $800 | J.Crew 484 Gorham Wash Denim $125


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Novel is brand based on the idea of creating art pieces that people can wear. Their first line are pocket squares and exhibits 50 species of butterfly, each uniquely capturing the essence and beauty of the wings. These are created according to the principles of a lost art in Chinese culture.


Taking a high quality silk; to which a skilled master embroiderer then hand sews the intricate details of the butterfly motif in a method known as double-sided embroidery. Each butterfly captures every detail of its living counterpart, incorporating the natural beauty of the wingspan. Upon completion of the sewing, artists expertly apply paint in order to replicate the delicate nature of this living creature.


These pocket squares are truly breathtaking, beautiful and a great idea. The price tag for these masterpieces, however, are another matter. Because they are hand embroidered and made of the finest materials, they are accompanied by a slightly higher price tag starting at around $300. Granted, they are part of an art collection so try to look at them more as an investment. But damn, that’s a lot for a pocket square. All that being said I totally want one.

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Andrew Livingston, owner of Knickerbocker MFG Co. out of Brooklyn, NY and Travis Weaver of Manready Mercantile began talking at Liberty Fair back in 2015 about their love of history, the military and workwear… specifically French workwear. Together they came up with their take on the “French Blues” chore coat and created the KMFG x Manready Mercantile Indigo Chore Coat.

These jackets first arose during the nineteenth century, and back then the indigo dye was actually incredibly inexpensive, so they were perfect for French factory workers who were looking for nothing more than a smock to protect their clothes from the grit and grime that came pouring off their machines. They were loose fitting and came equipped with four pockets across the front, adding to the practicality of the piece and allowing workers to keep whatever they needed close at hand.


A pattern for the silhouette was taken from the KMFG Service Chore Coat, an item based loosely off that of the USMC N-3 Utility Fatigue coats. Once the guys game up with a general overview of how they wanted to jacket to look, the team got to work.

For authenticity sake, Andrew used shuttle loomed, PFD (prepared for dye), herringbone cotton twill from Japan. A twill almost identical in comparison to that of the French & USMC coats. For the buttons, the iconic laurel wreath, single-starred tack buttons, which were prominently used throughout USMC and worn as a symbol of good luck. For a tag detail inside the coat, vintage cotton and linen blend material was sourced with a selvedge edge. Travis also stumbled across some old WWII-era love letters for a little “touch” that would be sent out with each coat. Lastly, the guys teamed up on a back label design to bring it all together.



The goal of these jackets is to pay respect to heritage and history; to bring something back to life that will proudly be handed down for generations to come. The Indigo Chore Coat was designed with the utmost pride and attention to detail and strived to create something so well-made that you’ll have it forever.

Due to the extensive washing, the coats do fit smaller than your standard chore coat, so it’s recommended you go up a size when ordering. Available now in limited quantities.


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Friend and fellow Dandy/cycling/photography enthusiast Paul Borden has been busy lately with a unique hobby: hand-crafting chairs from salvaged wooden pallets. His passion for not only his craft but also learning how to create these exquisite heirloom pieces is evident not only in the final product, but in the photographs Paul takes to document his journey as well. I’ve spoken with Paul a few times about his chairs, each time updating me on his progress and the idea behind each design; the latest of which was a “Dandy” inspired piece paying homage the late Andrew Wyeth which can be seen below.

Paul’s website Repose in Nature showcases not only his photography, but also his chair-making process and I highly recommend checking it out. He is a true testament to the return of hand-made, old world craftsmanship that we’ve been seeing more and more lately and I commend Paul in his incredible work. I wish I had the time and patience to create something like this.

Below is an excerpt from Paul’s post about what inspired this undertaking as well as some beautiful photos of his progress.

“In 1978, I was inspired by the book: MAKE A CHAIR FROM A TREE: AN INTRODUCTION TO WORKING GREEN WOOD, by John D. Alexander, Jr. A friend and I made a shaving bench and I began practicing the techniques of shaping parts with hand tools. I still have a copy of that book and have added the DVD, which was produced in 2009. Last March (2015), since I do not have a source of trees or logs for raw materials as described in the book, I began harvesting materials from used pallets. While more difficult and time consuming to work with, I derive a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from the process and the end product.

Each chair is unique due to the characteristics dictated by the materials. Each is an heirloom quality piece, which will last for generations, just like the original chairs produced by joiners when this country was young.”


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The whole southwestern look has been pretty prominent this season and we’ve been digging it pretty hard. Something about this casual, comfortable style of dress just seems to click, especially when it’s tailored the right way. We’ve compiled some of our current obsessions this season, several of which will certainly take quite a bit of sprezzatura to pull off. Do we really have the huevos to pull off a cape? I guess we’ll find out.

Topman Cape $45 | Huevos Tee $34 | J.Crew 484 Denim $125 | Vintage Omega Speedmaster $3650 | United Arrows x Readymade Distressed Fedora $725 | Visvim LHAMO-Folk $650

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I like Jimmy Fallon. Aside from attending the same Alma Mater, Jimmy and I seem to share similar passions like dressing well, pocket squares, and J.Crew. When he noticed several of his coworkers walking around the office with phones sticking out of their breast pocket, he began wondering what he could do to take this practical carrying solution to a more stylish level. Armed with a hot glue gun, a little ingenuity and a pocket square, Jimmy came up with a dapper solution and pitched the idea to J.Crew. Together they came up with the Pocket Dial™.

A leather iPhone case with an attached pocket square on the outside, the Pocket Dial™ is actually a pretty clever idea. Even better, J.Crew is donating 100% of the proceeds from the Pocket Dial going to benefit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenya-based charity that protects Africa’s elephants from ivory poaching and extinction. This way you can do good, while looking good.

Pick up yours for a limited time online or at your local J.Crew store for those looking for a unique and dapper Holiday Gift. Because crying carrying your phone in your pants is so 2014.



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Well, the day we’ve been waiting for these past 26 years is finally here! October 21, 2015 the day Marty McFly traveled into the future and introduced the world to such incredible possibilities like hover boards, self lacing shoes, flying cars, and the Cubs winning the World Series. While the world waits with bated-breath for Nike to finally announce the release of their famous Self Lacing Air Mags which are sure to sell instantly, Mondo Tees is releasing a collection of Back To The Future vinyl records and posters which are sure to sell out just as quick. Featuring artwork by James Flames and Matt Taylor, this incredible collection is available as a whole or as individual pieces. A favorite of mine, with today being #FutureDay, would have to be the limited edition Back To The Future Part II Soundtrack. With an incredible cover and Air Mag inspired splatter print on the record, this album is a must have for Back To The Future fans. Check out the rest of the incredible release here, and be sure to head over to Mondo’s website to pre-order at 12pm CST today to get your hands on this incredible collection.


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If you’re looking for the perfect weekender bag, this recent collaboration from Roots and Pendleton just might be the one! Combining the intricate patterns of Pendleton’s iconic designs with the warmth and beauty of American made Horween Leather, the Small Banff Bag by Roots is perfect for a weekend getaway. The bags were only made in limited quantities and are currently getting plenty of press on the interwebs, so if you’re contemplating getting one, I suggest you jump on it now.


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While Ian Michael Co. will always remain one of our favorite providers of Buffalo-themed hosiery, O’Connell’s just upped the ante with their official Buffalo Socks by Corgi. Spun in Wales from a soft cotton-blend with ribbed cuffs, hand-linked toe seams and reinforced toes and heels, these handsome all over buffalo patterned socks are sure to turn a few heads. Available in a wide range of both bright and subtle colors (including Sabres and Bills colorways) these socks are a fine addition to any Buffalo Dandy’s wardrobe. Apparently they’ve been a long time in the making and by the looks of things, they were well worth the wait! Order them online or stop into O’Connell’s store to get yours today.


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