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After our previous post about The Buffalo Club, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to visit another of Buffalo’s oldest private clubs: The Saturn Club. As the story goes, in 1885 the club was founded by a group of men looking to congregate in a less formal setting than the Buffalo Club. Giving a nod to the many “University Clubs” which were popular at the time, the founders modeled their board of directors after that of a small college (a Faculty, a Dean, Registrar, Bursar, etc.). As the club grew in size, a larger space was needed. So in 1922, the club lit a torch from the fireplace and marched down Delaware Ave in a grand parade, carrying the flame of the old building and lighting it in the fireplace of the new.

After having lunch and being assured that it was ok to take photos inside, I was given a grand tour of the space, being regaled with stories of the club’s illustrious past and (without being told too much) about some of the various secret clubs and hidden messages placed throughout the building. There was still a sense of exclusivity to the club, but the entire atmosphere was much more welcoming and relaxed. Dress codes were still in effect in various spaces, and with so many dining rooms (9 bars) and meeting places throughout the club, it’s easy to get turned around in there. The vintage game room was awesome with the old school bowling lanes and oversized pool table and the indoor swimming pool was reminiscent of the Jr. Olympic Pool at the Intercontinental Hotel in Chicago. The space feels like an ivy league college, which makes sense with it being inspired by University Clubs of old. The dark wood and dim lighting of the hallways were complemented with beautiful stained glass windows, allowing sunlight to pour in and only further enhancing the open environment of the club.

I had a wonderful lunch and an amazing time exploring the Saturn Club. Before I left I was treated to one last surprise upon entering the library, where I was shown a chair which is engraved by special guests who have visited the club. Scroll down to the bottom to see who it was.

SaturnClub2 SaturnClub3 SaturnClub4 SaturnClub5 SaturnClub6 SaturnClub7 SaturnClub8 SaturnClub9 SaturnClub10 SaturnClub11 SaturnClub14SaturnClub12 SaturnClub13


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With the start of the New Year, many of us have made resolutions to take better care of ourselves. For some that means joining a gym, cutting back on the Christmas Ales, or trying something new like yoga. While most yoga-inspired products have a very eastern look and feel, very few have a look which would be classified as cool – let alone badass. That is until Reverse Warrior came along…

Reverse Warrior is a line of products dedicated to mindful living. Inspired by the yoga pose Viparata Virabhadrasana, everything made is street relevant with peaceful undertones. Made for her and him, the clothes are equally at home in the practice studio or on the streets. Every apparel items has a spine printed on the inside back, reminding the wearer to be mindful of their posture and alignment throughout the day.  20% of the profits from all of the items will be donated to supported charities like the Prison Yoga Project and The Veterans Yoga Project.

All of the t-shirts are hand screen printed in Buffalo, NY, using soy-based cleaning solutions and low impact inks. The statues are hand poured in Los Angeles, CA. Prints are made using a letterpress machine from 1954.

My two favorite items from the collection have to be the Matt Logo Tee and this incredible Reverse Warrior Statue with 22 karat gold flakes inside.

As an added bonus, head over to today and use code WARRIOR13 for a 30% discount on all orders placed by midnight on 1.7.14



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The Kentucky Derby has quickly become one of our favorite events of the year at Buffalo Dandy. For one, it acts as a kick off for Spring and, more importantly, means it’s time for drinking Mint Juleps. So put The Great Gatsby soundtrack on the record player and start planning your outfit. If you need some initial ideas, I’ve put together what I’ll be wearing come Race Day.

JCrew 484 Selvedge Jeans | Alden Longwing Bluchers | Woodford Reserve Mint Julep | Vintage Omega Seamaster | Vineyard Vines Anchor Belt | KJP Mint Bermuda | Brooks Brothers Gingham | BD Ms Golightly Bow Tie | H&M Linen Blazer EK Liberty of London Straw Fedora


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